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Cyberware Inc. is a dissolved (no longer in business) company that produces high performance color 3D scanners. Cyberware is owned and managed by the Addleman family with headquarters in Monterey, California;[1] it has scanning centers located in United States, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia.[2]

3D Color Scanners[edit]

A 3D scanner is a device that analyzes a real-world object to collect data on its shape and appearance.

Head & Face[edit]

Whole Body[edit]


  • Model BK (Below the Knee)[8]
  • Model LSS (Large Statue Scanner)[8]
  • Model M15 (Desktop 3D Scanner)[8]
  • Model S (Shop)[8]
  • Model SG (Spherical Gantry)[8]
  • Model 3030 (Scanhead)[8]
  • Model 7G (Ear Impression)[8]

Selected films[edit]

Cyberware won the Academy award for Best Visual Effects in the Hollywood movie The Abyss.[9]

Selected video games[edit]


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