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Cyborg Kuro-chan
This is a cover of a manga series. On it is a black cat standing on two legs with a Gatling gun in his arm. The logo is in Japanese, and the author's name (also in Japanese) is seen.
Cover of the first manga volume
(Saibōgu Kurochan)
GenreComedy, science fiction
Written byNaoki Yokouchi
Published byKodansha
DemographicChildren, Shōnen
MagazineComic BonBon
Original runSeptember 1997December 2001
Cyborg Kuro-chan: Extra Battle
Written byNaoki Yokouchi
Published byKodansha
MagazineComic BonBon
Original runDecember 2002December 2005
Anime television series
Directed byYoshihiro Takamoto
Produced byAkifumi Takayanagi
Kouki Matsuura
Written byYū Yamamoto
Takao Yotsuji
Music byKei Wakakusa
Toshiyuki Arakawa
StudioStudio Bogey
Original networkTV Aichi
Original run 2 October 1999 6 January 2001
Cyborg Kuro-chan: Devil Fukkatsu!!
GenreShoot 'em up
PlatformGame Boy Color
Released23 March 2000
Cyborg Kuro-chan 2: White Woods no Gyakushū
GenreShoot 'em up
PlatformGame Boy Color
Released19 October 2000
Kaettekita Cyborg Kuro-Chan
GenreShoot 'em up
Released28 November 2002
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Cyborg Kuro-chan (サイボーグクロちゃん, Saibōgu Kurochan) is a children series created by Naoki Yokouchi, serialized in Kodansha's Comic BonBon magazine. Eleven volumes of the manga were released between 1998 and 2002. It centers on the titular character, a housecat who is kidnapped and modified by a mad scientist to be a part of a cyborg army bent on world domination. Kuro breaks his control chip, escapes and becomes a vigilante. Kuro has many allies, who help him out during instances such as urban destruction, parallel universes, outer space, and battles between other cats and cyborgs.

Cyborg Kuro-chan was adapted into an anime series produced by Studio Bogey for TV Tokyo. The anime aired from 2 October 1999 to 6 January 2001 for 66 episodes. The manga and anime have been exported to several countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa. An English dub aired on Animax Asia[1] and the first 14 episodes of the dub were released on VCD.[2][3] A large number of merchandise has been made based on the manga and anime, and two additional volumes, entitled Cyborg Kuro-chan: Extra Battle, were published. Reviews for the series note the simplistic and cartoonish art style, and a thin storyline which is mainly centered on gags and comedic violence.


Kuro is a housecat for an old couple who cannot defend themselves and are in frequent danger. They rely on him to keep burglars from invading their house, at which he is skilled. Despite his courage, he is in love with the neighborhood dog, Pooly, and he sets out to confess this one day. While heading to see her, he and Pooly are ambushed and injured. Kuro is then kidnapped by Dr. Go, a mad scientist, and transformed into a cyborg with invincible steel frames and unlimited strength, the latest in a line of robot cats used for world domination, called the "Nyan-Nyan Army". He somehow, though, breaks a chip supposedly used to control him, and he escapes Go's laboratory as well as destroying it, while he now realizes that he is now bipedal and can speak human language. He comes to terms with his predicament, while maintaining his lifestyle as an average housecat. However, Go feels that Kuro is ungrateful to him, and he and the Nyan-Nyan Army, including the most well-known Mi, set out to find and kill him, though they eventually surrender and decide to live a more peaceful life.

Often, Kuro will save his owners and the city from trouble. He has multiple adversaries, including Go's Nyan-Nyan Army. Dr. Go and Mi help Kuro out in the toughest situations. Throughout the course of the series, there are phantasmal and extraordinary predicaments that Kuro and his friends must solve.


Promotional image of the characters of the series. Slapstick humor is combined with action, while accompanied by Yokouchi's distinctive style of drawing.


Kuro (クロちゃん, Kuro-chan) - The main character who was kidnapped by Dr. Go and turned into a cyborg cat, along with various features and weapons. He has a horrible temper, and gets angry and out of control easily, but he is noble and good-hearted. He uses a Gatling gun as a signature weapon. Kuro was voiced by Chika Sakamoto.[4]

Grandparents - The elderly couple who treat Kuro as a companion. They are not immune to trouble, never learn much, and are in need of Kuro's rescue frequently. However, they have no idea that Kuro is now a cyborg, though he intends to keep this secret.

Dr. Go (剛くん, Gō-kun) - The main antagonist and a major antihero, an eccentric inventor who wishes world domination by creating cyborg cats as weapons of mass destruction. His plan completely backfired when Kuro was created with a full will of his own. He later stops from his plans in world domination and decides to live in a more peaceful way of living with Mi and later Kotaro. He maintains a friendly rivalry with Kuro. His real name is Mantaro Go (剛万太郎, Gō Mantarō) Dr. Go is portrayed by Tōru Furusawa.[4]

Mi (ミーくん, Mī-kun) - A cyborg cat created by Dr. Go to exterminate Kuro. He appears as a frequent "goon" of his but is in fact kind-hearted and noble. At a later part of the story where Go accepts defeat and turns down on his conquest to world domination, he is now often seen helping him and in times helping Kuro too. They are seen training together which often leads to them fighting for real which is to be stopped by Nana. Opposite to Kuro, Mi prefers a sword as his standard weapon. He can add himself to any weapon and additional items to them. Mi was portrayed by Chiharu Tezuka.[4]

Matatabi (マタタビ, Matatabi)- An antihero, a regular cat who wears a red tattered "cloak" and has an eyepatch over his right eye, indicating injury. He was a childhood friend of Kuro, but he declared himself his enemy after assuming the cause of his problems was him. His main weapon is a wooden boomerang which he can use to hit targets at great distances. Whenever he is not fighting, he is seen hanging around on top of houses. He is skilled in craftsmanship and an experienced carpenter. Matatabi is portrayed by Makiko Ohmoto.[5]

Kotaro (コタロー, Kotarō)- A boy genius dressed in a cat suit who helps Dr. Go and Mi out by assisting in their inventions or building his own. He has an obsession over Kuro, and tries to prove to be as powerful as him. This idea of his was the result of being an outcast. He is experienced in technology, with an IQ of 200. The reviewer for Manga-News describes Kotaro as walling himself into his world of video games, but also regards Kotaro as an author surrogate.[6] Kotaro is portrayed by Rika Komatsu.[4]

Nana (ナナちゃん, Nana-chan)- A female android with a cat-like appearance that was created by Kotaro from a table lamp. She develops a love interest in Kuro, who denies her; she accepts his rejection after numerous attempts to win his heart, though it is shown that he does care for her. Nana is portrayed by Hiromi Tsunakake.[4]


Ichiro Suzuki (鈴木 一郎, Suzuki Ichirō) - A schoolteacher who also admires Kuro. He is an avid otaku, and often gets himself involved into Kuro's shenanigans. Suzuki is portrayed by Toshiyuki Morikawa.[7]

Megumi (めぐみ, Megumi) - A female firefighter who is Suzuki's secret crush. She is a quick thinker in most situations, such as putting out even the least dangerous of fires in her debut appearance in the anime. Megumi is portrayed by Sayuri Yoshida.[8]

Romeo (ロミオ, Romeo) and Juliet (ジュリエット, Jūrietto) - A duo of alien lovers. They are very optimistic, no matter what happens. They later marry and have a child together.[9] Romeo is voiced by Kosuke Okano,[citation needed] while Juliet is voiced by Sayuri Yoshida.[8]

Chieko Okada (岡田チエコ, Okada Chieko) - A girl with a deep hatred for Kuro and very powerful supernatural abilities,[10] including ESP and telekinesis. Another notable feature of hers is her voluminous hair.

Dunk (ダンク, Danku) - Kotaro's robot friend. He was an ordinary lion, but he was involved in a near-death experience. Dr. Go successfully revived him in his current cyborg form. Later on in the series Dunk gets modified by Kotaro's farther who gives him the ability to make text boxes appear out of his head. Dunk is quite timid, gentle, and pure. He is voiced by Isshin Chiba.[11]

YaYaYa aliens (ヤーヤーヤー星人, Yāyāyā boshijin) - A trio of friendly aliens that boast incredibly dangerous weapons. They are often also seen wearing special bracelets that can enlarge or shrink their targets. Their names are Yai (ヤーイ, Yāi), Yasu (ヤースー, Yāsū), and Yachi (ヤーチー, Yāchī); Yai is the leader. The aliens are anime-original characters.

Goro Nagase (長瀬 五郎, Nagase Gōrō) - A boy Chieko met once. Goro came from an abusive household. He is a big dreamer, but he is a loser. He boasts a large scar from his abuse. He ends up being temporarily turned into a cyborg after being seriously injured. Goro only appeared in the manga.

Prince Malo (マロ王子, Maro-ōji) - A prince of the YaYaYa group. He bears a striking resemblance to Kuro. Malo is supposed to be courteous and he has the opposite personality from Kuro, but he eats like a vampire, and he also boasts offensive British gas, he only appears in the anime and is voiced by Chika Sakamoto

Princess Mimi (ミミ姫, Mimi-hime) - A princess who looks exactly like Nana. Malo was supposed to marry her, but he refused. Despite her ladylike looks, she is actually quite selfish, she only appears in the anime and is voiced by Hiromi Tsunakake.

Yo (よくん, Yokun) - A caricature of the manga's creator, Naoki Yokouchi. He makes fleeting appearances in some anime episodes. He is depicted wearing a purple trenchcoat with a similarly-colored hat.

Nyan-Nyan Army (ニャンニャンアーミー, Nyannyanāmī) - A squadron of cyborg cats created by Dr. Go. Mi is the first in the line, created by Go from the remains of his pet kitten. There are four other members - #2, nicknamed Spyder, who can expand his arms, legs, and neck, #3, who also fights with his own sword and boasts a panda disguise, #4, who also has a bad temper and is the most frequently encountered, and #5, who is seen with a robot companion, Lassie, and also uses a Gatling gun. #2 is voiced by Yuko Sasamoto, #3 is voiced by Rika Komatsu, #4 is voiced by Sayuri Yoshida and #5 is voiced by Mami Nakajima

Tendou (天道, tendo) - The main enemy and rival of Doctor Go, and the guy responsible for the demise of Mi's mother. Unlike Go who's allies are cats, Tendou prefers to use dogs, he is voiced by Naoki Tatsuta

Pooly (プーリィ, Pūryi) - A stray pink poodle who was Kuro's crush in the beginning of the series. In the anime version, she lived in a house. She is voiced by Yuko Sasamoto.

Lily (リリィ, Riryi) - Mi's first love. She was abandoned by her owner and lived as a stray for a brief time before being adopted by a girl she had saved from an accident. She is voiced by Yuko Sasamoto.

Marie (マリー, Marī) - A stray dog in Kuro's past with a similar appearance to Pooly, but with pointed ears. She had been a surrogate mother to Kuro as a baby for a brief time before he was taken. She is in the manga only.

New Wild Kuro (真 暴走クロちゃん, Shin Bousou Kuro-chan) - An alternate form of Kuro which can be triggered by one of Dr. Go's machines or from extreme rage. He is a red and yellow more aggressive version of Kuro with large claws and teeth, he can also run much faster than Kuro but can also run out of fuel like his regular form, Kuro also seems to use a rocket launcher a lot in this form despite the gatling gun being his main weapon. He does not speak like normal Kuro, instead he angrily growls. This character was only featured in the anime and is voiced by Chika Sakamoto.



The manga was originally released in issues of Comic Bonbon from September 1997 until December 2001 with a total of 56 chapters. The chapters were then released across eleven volumes by Kodansha between 1998[12] and 2002.[13] In Germany, Egmont Manga & Anime published the first three volumes.[14] In France, Pika Édition published the entire series.[15][16] It has been published in Indonesia by M&C Comics.[17]

A sequel series, Cyborg Kuro-chan: Extra Battle (サイボーグクロちゃん 番外バトル, Saibōgu Kurochan Bangai Batoru) was published from 2005 to 2006.[18][19] Like the original, it has been published in Indonesia by M&C Comics.[20]

No.Japanese release dateJapanese ISBN
01 6 February 1998[12]ISBN 978-4-06-321832-9
02 7 May 1998[21]ISBN 978-4-06-321839-8
03 4 September 1998[22]ISBN 978-4-06-321848-0
04 5 February 1999[23]ISBN 978-4-06-323861-7
05 4 June 1999[24]ISBN 978-4-06-323873-0
06 5 November 1999[25]ISBN 978-4-06-323884-6
07 6 April 2000[26]ISBN 978-4-06-323894-5
08 4 August 2000[27]ISBN 978-4-06-323904-1
09 6 February 2001[28]ISBN 978-4-06-323912-6
10 6 August 2001[29]ISBN 978-4-06-323926-3
11 5 January 2002[13]ISBN 978-4-06-323937-9


Cyborg Kuro-chan was adapted into an anime series produced by Studio Bogey for TV Tokyo. The anime aired at 8:00am on Saturdays from 2 October 1999 to 6 January 2001 for 66 episodes. A total of 26 episodes were to be made but production was extended until March 2001 meaning that 78 episodes would be made instead. Only 66 of them aired because the producers Studio Bogey and PIBI declared bankruptcy in early 2001[30]

The opening theme is Guruguru Kuro-chan by Lady Q, who also sung Damedame no Uta for Crayon Shin-chan. Two closing themes were created. These are Positive Vibration by Sister K, and Parapara Kuro-chan by Kyuu. The anime has been exported to several countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa. It has been broadcast on such channels including Spacetoon and Italia 1. The Italian opening was sung by regular contributor Cristina D'Avena and Giorgio Vanni In India it aired titled Auto Cat.[31] Naoki Tatsuta Was the narrator, a characture of the creator of the manga. .[32]

In Japan the anime was released on VHS by Media Factory and Public & Basic (PIBI). The first series was of tapes were episodes 1-26. a 2nd series was released but was rental only. only the first 53 episodes were released after PIBI fell into bankruptcy. The series was later released in Japan on several video streaming services such as Amazon Video and U-NEXT. Other countries like Indonesia and China got the episodes released on VCD.

There were also two Kuro-chan CDs released, the first one (Cyborg Kuro-chan: strongest Uchimakuri Music Encyclopedia TV - Original Soundtrack) was released on June 21, 2000 and contained most of the tracks from the anime, the second one (Cyborg Kuro-chan Gatling mix) was released on November 18, 2000 but unlike the other CD this one's content mainly consists of remixes of tracks from the first CD. There was also a single which contained the opening and ending and their instrumental versions.


Ep No. Title Original air date
01"The Strongest Cat is Born!"
"Saikyou no nyanko tanjou!" (最強のニャンコ誕生!)
2 October 1999
Kuro wakes up in Dr. Go's lab after being kidnapped and repaired to become a cyborg. However, Kuro manages to break his control chip, and he sets off to return to his owners' home.
02"Nyan-Nyan Army"
"Nyan-Nyan Āmī" (ニャンニャンアーミー)
9 October 1999
Kuro and his owners are invited to a contest at a local store. Kuro, however, realizes this as a ruse set up by Dr. Go and his army of robot cats.
03"Hell Highway"
"Jigoku no haiwei" (地獄のハイウェイ)
16 October 1999
Dr. Go creates a chip that allows Mi to penetrate metal objects and transform them at will. Mi goes out of control with this and eventually becomes a mechanically engineered automobile, which Kuro cannot defeat alone.
04"Flying Robot Family Appearance!"
"Sora tobu oyako robo shutsugen!" (空とぶ親子ロボ出現!)
23 October 1999
Dr. Go constructs two robots: Big Sam and Little Sam. He accidentally sets off a self-destruct bomb and is trapped inside. Kuro and Mi work together to try to deactivate the bomb and save the doctor, who, by that time, has already escaped.
05"Mi's First Love"
"Mī-kun no hatsukoi" (ミーくんの初恋)
30 October 1999
Mi falls in love with one of the dogs in the neighborhood, but he does not have the courage to speak to her, and he disguises himself as a dog to try to do so. Meanwhile, another of Dr. Go's inventions causes chaos, and endangers the dog.
06"Mi Gets Kidnapped"
"Mī-kun yuukai jiken" (ミーくん誘拐事件)
6 November 1999
The alien robot Romeo abducts Mi and heads for the South Pole, with Kuro and Dr. Go giving chase. They find a UFO in the ice while looking for him, and fix it, though this leads to a troupe of aliens attempting to conquer Earth.
07"The Greatest Game of Tag"
"Shijou saidai no onigokko" (史上最大のオニゴッコ)
13 November 1999
Romeo finds life on Earth to be boring, and he shuts Kuro's owners and Dr. Go inside a bomb-filled dome, leaving Kuro and Mi to play cops and robbers with him. Mi discards the bomb, but unintentionally releases the "prisoners".
08"Kuro and Mi Fame Competition"
"Kuro Mī aidoru shoubu" (クロミーアイドル勝負)
20 November 1999
Kuro goes along with Suzuki on a school trip with his students, but he encounters Mi, and the two begin a fierce battle. The fight leads to an accident from which they both decide to work together to save the children.
09"The Legend Behind the School"
"Gakkō no ura dentetsu" (学校の裏伝説)
27 November 1999
Suzuki has been down in the dumps lately, so Kuro, Mi, Dr. Go, Romeo and two of his students (Yoshino and Kazuma) pay him a visit to cheer him up. Go-kun stumbles upon a treasure map, and he leads the group on a trek up a nearby mountain, with dire obstacles to overcome.
10"The One Eyed People Behind the Mountain"
"Urayama no ichi tsūme chiteījin" (裏山の一ツ目地底人)
4 December 1999
During the trek, Kuro and the gang fight against one-eyed aliens, and they get themselves surrounded. They find the treasure, but also another alien named Juliet, who takes a liking to Romeo, with the latter returning his feelings for her. Romeo accidentally activates a bomb, but the group makes an escape amid the explosion.
11"Enter - Boy Genius Kotaro"
"Tensai shōnen kotarō toujou" (天才少年コタロー登場)
11 December 1999
Kuro is on the lam after boy genius Kotaro, who idolizes him, makes mischief around a fleet of army ships. Along with Mi, he helps rescue Kotaro and themselves from a deranged pilot, while he learns he threatened to kill himself.
12"Evil Devil Mi"
"Debiru Mī ara waru" (デビルミーあらわる)
18 December 1999
Dr Go. finds a relic that possesses Mi and transforms him into a demon. He and Kuro must work together to save him. They succeed, but the three of them are eventually on the run from a giant chef's uniform-clad being.
13"Fight in the Cage"
"Ori no naka no tataki" (檻の中の戦い)
25 December 1999
Kotaro tries to help his "friend", a lion named Dunk, escape from a zoo. Kuro and Mi find out about this and try to hide Dunk but he is later found which leads to a chaotic battle, Dunk is also nearly killed in an accident. Dr. Go revives Dunk in a cyborg form.
14"Large Experiment of Go and Kotaro"
"Gō to Kotaro no daijikken" (剛とコタローの大実験)
29 December 1999
Dr. Go and Kotaro construct a cyborg mouse out of the remains of his former self. The mouse proceeds to invade the city with other mice, while Kuro and his friends are forced to fend them off. This episode aired on a Wednesday at 7:30am possibly because the following Saturday would be new years day.
15"Calling on Matatabi!"
"Matatabi sanjō!" (マタタビ参上!)
8 January 2000
Kuro is visited by an old friend, Matatabi, who knew him as "Kid". The tiger cat had asked Go-kun and Kotaro where "Kid" was, but they misinterpret it as Kuro's demise. The two begin a battle, but after Matatabi finds out who Kuro now is, they call a truce and help repair a decaying house.
16"Runaway Kuro"
"Kuro-chan no iede" (クロちゃんの家出)
15 January 2000
Kotaro recycles a lamp into a compact robot, whom he calls Nana, in order to help around his untidy home. Nana, however, refuses to listen, and she, instead, chases after Kuro.
17"The Great Duel in the Snow!"
"Yuki no naka no daikettō!" (雪の中の大決闘!)
22 January 2000
Gotch a cat from Kuro and Matatabi's past, and his gang make a surprise attack at Kuro's house during a Christmas party and kidnap the owners. Both of them engage in another fight, subsequently.
18"Pretty Firefighter! Megumi"
"Bishōjō shōbō shi! Megumi" (美少女消防士! めぐみ)
29 January 2000
Kuro and Suzuki meet the firefighter Megumi, who is willing to put out any fire, literally. Suzuki begins to like her, and he seeks Dr. Go's help in attracting her. The robot he constructs, though, also falls in love with her!
19"Roaring! Battleborg"
"Bakushō! Batorubōgu" (爆走! バトルボーグ)
5 February 2000
Dr. Go and Kotaro build a car with a tremendous flaw that tries to conquer the world. Mi then constructs two vehicles which he and Kuro use to stop Go's creation.
20"Kuro becomes a father!?"
"Kuro, papa ni naru!?" (クロ、パパになる!?)
12 February 2000
Nana wants to attract Kuro once again, so she decides that Dr. Go should build them a baby. The robot kitten in question has a bomb installed.
21"Large Confusing Battle"
"Hachamecha dai sōdatsu sen" (ハチャメチャ大争奪戦)
19 February 2000
A cat from Hawaii visits Kuro. She then steals Kuro's costume which leads to Kuro and some of his allies having to stop her.
22"Suzuki's First Date"
"Suzuki no hatsu dēto" (鈴木の初デート)
26 February 2000
Suzuki invites Megumi out, and he agrees to take her on a rollercoaster ride. However, he is afraid of heights, so Dr. Go creates a pair of glasses that make it seem like that he does not get off the ground. Their day goes well until the amusement park is ambushed by a troupe of villains.
23"Evil Hebibinga"
"Hebibingā ara waru" (へビビンガーあらわる)
4 March 2000
The grandparents have not gone out in a long time, so they agree to go see the great Buddha, and they trust the ever-reliable Kuro to keep the house safe. However, he is reluctant to let them be by themselves even outside the home, so he secretly follows them, with Go, Mi, and Kotaro in pursuit. Eventually, the plane they board is hijacked, and they are skyrocketed into South America, where Kuro is eventually on the run from a giant, two-legged snake.
24"Save Kotaro!"
"Kotarō o sukue!" (コタローを救え!)
11 March 2000
Kotaro finds a bottle containing a zombie virus that make its way into him and begins to eat his flesh slowly. Kuro, Dr. Go, and Mi must find Hebibinga from the previous episode and get its tooth in order to cure him.
25"Father of Kotaro"
"Kotarō no chichi kaeru" (コタローの父かえる)
18 March 2000
Kotaro's dad finds him after a long search, but he wants nothing to do with him.
26"World Domination Plan Begins?!"
"Sekai seifuku keikaku kaishi?!" (世界征服計画開始?!)
25 March 2000
Dr. Go has disappeared, and his robot cat army need Kuro's help in finding him, thinking they still are seeking world domination when the doctor had decided not to.
27"Beginning of a New World"
"Isekai koto no hajimari" (異世界・事のはじまり)
1 April 2000
Matatabi needs everyone's help in clearing snow off a roof, but Kuro and Nana refuse. Meanwhile, Dr. Go presents his new invention to everyone, but it unintentionally sends them to an alternate dimension.
28"City in the Desert"
"Sabaku ni ukabu toshi" (砂漠に浮かぶ都市)
8 April 2000
Still stranded, Kotaro meets a traveler, Fox and her companion Gurnee. Kuro meets Vice, a cyborg who tries to help him find Nana and Juliet.
29"The Different World Collapses"
"Isekai hōkai no ato" (異世界・崩壊のあと)
15 April 2000
Remaining stranded in the other world, Nana is kidnapped by Vice, and Kuro tries to find her. While does this he regroups with Juliet, Matatabi and Dr. Go.
30"End of the New World"
"Shūmatsu kara shin sekai he" (終末から新世界へ)
22 April 2000
After coming to Nana's rescue, Kuro and the others find out that the alternate universe is merely a giant dome hidden underground.
31"Mi's Secret Birth"
"Mī-kun tanjō no himitsu" (ミーくん誕生のヒミツ)
29 April 2000
Mi remembers when he first met Dr. Go as a normal kitten who was separated from his mother, who sacrificed her life to save him. The two became fast friends, and, along with an incompetent robot companion, survived by attracting people who donated cash and food. Mi saved Dr. Go's life one day by defeating the dog who killed his mother, owned by a cat-torturing popular student at his school; they have since become closer than ever.
32"Great Honeymoon War?!"
"Hane mūn dai sensō?!" (ハネムーン大戦争!?)
6 May 2000
Nana wins resort tickets in a contest, much to her delight. Kuro is eventually dragged into her honeymoon idea, but Dr. Go and Mi steal the tickets, leaving him to fight them.
33"School Extermination"
"Gakkō de obake taiji" (学校でオバケ退治)
13 May 2000
The school where Suzuki works at is plagued by various paranormal events. Kuro, Dr. Go and Mi help him find out the cause of these events, but they later find out this was all set up by one Kuro's friends.
34"Large Lottery Battle"
"Takara kuji dai batoru rēsu" (宝クジ大バトルレース)
20 May 2000
The grandparents stumble upon a special ticket, and they discover its grand prize - ¥300,000,000. When they lose the ticket, however, Kuro and M must retrieve it. Along with Dr. Go, Kotaro, and a local soldier, they eventually race for the ticket.
35"Matatabi's Great Training?!"
"Matatabi no dai shugyō?!" (マタタビの大修行?!)
27 May 2000
In a fit of rage, Kuro destroys his home. Matatabi retaliates, then informs Kuro that he will not rebuild it, instead he would be doing serious training. Matatabi unexpectedly runs into a young boy who takes Matatabi in as his own. Matatabi soon discovers that his new family is incredibly wealthy, and becomes accustomed to this until he comes to a big realization...
36"Defend the Little Cats!"
"Chibi neko tachi o mamore!" (チビネコたちを守れ!)
3 June 2000
Kuro befriends a kitten called Butch and his younger siblings, and they inform him that they are under constant ambush from a pack of cyborg dogs. The dogs happen to be under the control of an American scientist, Big, or Whitewoods in the manga, and when he ambushes them, the kittens then get mechanized and ready to help Kuro battle the deranged doctor.
37"Nonstop Bus Travel"
"Nonsutoppu basu ryokō" (ノンストップバス旅行)
10 June 2000
The grandparents receive bus tickets. Kuro joins them, but Dr. Go, Mi, Kotaro, Romeo, Juliet, and even Nana follow. The bus ride leads to trouble when Kuro and the others discover a bomb and they realize that the bus trip is a set up,
38"Battle Against the White Monster"
"Shiroi kaibutsu to no dai batoru" (白い怪物との大バトル)
17 June 2000
The grandparents have decided to see the ocean. With the help of two new friends, they board a small boat, with Kuro joining. They are eventually ambushed by a sea monster. Meanwhile, Dr. Go, Mi, and Kotaro try to follow.
39"Mi No.2 Appears!"
"Mī-kun ni-gō tōjō!" (ミーくん2号登場!)
24 June 2000
After they run out of ramen ingredients, Mi, Dr. Go, and Kotaro plan a bank heist. Two robbers, however, have already beat them to the punch, and take the former two hostage. A small version of Mi turns up at Kuro's and the two begin fighting.
40"Nana Tries Her Best!"
"Nana-chan ganbaru!" (ナナちゃんがんばる!)
1 July 2000
After Kuro has a falling-out with Nana, she storms off in anger and tries various jobs to impress him. She fails at all of them however, but she finds solace in a group of robbers.
41"Revival! the Devil Returns"
"Fukkatsu! Debiru sai tōjō!" (復活! デビル再登場!)
8 July 2000
The chef devil that possessed Mi returns, and he stirs up more trouble. He engulfs the entire city in darkness and kidnaps Nana. Kuro, Dr. Go, and Kotaro team up to fight him a second time.
42"Decisive Battle! Kuro vs. Devil"
"Kessen! Kuro tai Debiru" (決戦! クロ対デビル)
15 July 2000
Barely escaping from collapsing ruins, Kuro and the others face off with the demon, Who possesses Hebibinga, the Sam Robots and Mi in hopes of defeating Kuro. He fails, but the devil collects a heap of scrap into a gigantic entity, and Kuro and Mi combine to finally destroy him.
43"Kuro's New Home"
"Kuro no ie ni o hikkoshi" (クロの家にお引っ越し)
22 July 2000
The family's home is remodeled, and everyone joins in on the action. The remodeled house becomes the site of yet another heist.
44"Where is Kotaro ?"
"Kotarō i naku naru?" (コタローいなくなる?)
29 July 2000
On a hot day, Kotaro and his friend, Dunk, are invited by a mysterious man to his own house, where he has his own goods, and even a personalized organizer. But they later find out that they guy is a scientist called Tendou, the rival of doctor Go. Tendou then sends out a cyborg dog that Kuro and Mi must destroy.
45"Fear of the Great Virus!!"
"Kyōfu no dai uirusu!!" (恐怖の大ウイルス!!)
5 August 2000
Nana notices that Kuro is sick! Distraught, she rushes to Dr. Go for help. He discovers that Kuro has been infected by a cyborg virus! Kotaro creates an antibody to help fight it, but he accidentally injects it into another robot. Both of them try to solve the problem by going inside the robot to find the antibody. Meanwhile, Mi, Dunk, and Nana are on the run from the injected robot as Kuro slowly becomes worse.
46"Encounter With Matatabi"
"Matatabi to no deai" (マタタビとの出会い)
12 August 2000
Kuro is on life support after the events of the last episode. He begins to have a flashback of when he was a young kitten, meeting Matatabi for the first time.
47"Figh With the Crows!!"
"Karasu to no tatakai!!" (カラスとの戦い!!)
19 August 2000
Still in his flashback, Kuro remembers himself and Matatabi fighting oncoming crows. The crows ambush the kittens, and our two heroes must end the conquest with some help from the other stray cats.
48"Kid's Final Fight!!"
"Kiddo saigo no tatakai!!" (キッド最後の戦い!!)
26 August 2000
Nana takes off with Kuro just as he is recovering. While so, he dreams of one last showdown as a kitten - cats vs. cats.
49"Nyan Nyan Land"
"Nyan-Nyan Rando" (ニャンニャンランド)
2 September 2000
Kuro has now been fully healed. While he checks on himself, he receives flyers to a new amusement park. Dr. Go's group, Nana, Suzuki, Romeo, and Juliet are also invited. They soon realize this as a ruse set up by the Nyan-Nyan Army. Kuro manages to escape but #4 and #5 use one of Go's machines to transform him into a uncontrollable state.
50"True Wild Kuro-chan!"
"Shin bousou Kuro-chan!" (真・暴走クロちゃん!)
9 September 2000
In the previous episode, #4 and #5 transformed Kuro into a reckless fighting machine. He storms off to the city and causes major damage, and Mi, Go, Kotaro, Nana, Suzuki, Romeo and Juliet all have to try and stop him.
51"Kuro and Mi. Game Showdown"
"Kuro Mī gēmu taiketsu" (クロ・ミーゲーム対決)
16 September 2000
The home of Go, Mi and Kotaro is destroyed and Matatabi decides to build them a new home. Kuro and Mi compete in a showdown along with Suzuki's students, featuring gigantic robot suits, Which eventually goes out of hand.
52"A Transfer Student with Hyper Abilities?!"
"Tenkousei ha chou nouryoku sha?!" (転校生は超能力者?!)
23 September 2000
Chieko Okada is the new kid in town. She boasts incredible psychic abilities, which she uses to overcome her problems. Megumi, Kazuma and Yoshino introduce her to Kuro's friends, but Chieko recognizes him as the one who ruined her relationship, as he was in his Rampage state at that time. This leads to an utter battle between the two.
53"Message From Space"
"Uchuu kara no messēji" (宇宙からのメッセージ)
30 September 2000
Suzuki receives a message from an alien trio. He and his class go on an unexpected field trip to find out the cause of the situation. Kuro believes this to be trouble, and he shoots at their ship. Suzuki, having wanted to talk to them, pilots a rocket to try to find them. Amidst the hubbub, Chieko becomes aware of that.
54"Attack of the YaYaYa Aliens"
"Kōgeki Yāyāyā boshijin" (攻撃ヤーヤーヤー星人)
7 October 2000
In a continuation of last week's debacle, Suzuki befriends the aliens and they quickly warm up to him. Amid their getting along, their ship is under ambush. This was the first episode to be digitally animated.
55"Doomsday is Coming!"
"Chikyuu saigo no hi ki taru!" (地球最後の日来たる!)
14 October 2000
Megumi comes to Suzuki's aid when the aliens begin to tire out. They set out to obtain bananas for them. Meanwhile, Kuro and Mi attack their ship, unaware of the current situation.
56"Baby Birth of Fear!"
"Kyoufu no beibī tanjou!" (恐怖のベイビー誕生!)
21 October 2000
Romeo and Juliet have got married! The newlyweds decide to take their friends out on a ride through the town, and they show off their newborn to them. The reception, however, soon turns to panic.
57"Dispute Between Kuro and Nana"
"Kuro to Nana no kenka" (クロとナナのけんか)
28 October 2000
Kuro and Nana have a falling-out. Dr. Go, Mi, and the rest of their friends try to help them out, but their argument only escalates. It eventually goes out of hand when they start fighting in large groups.
58"Returning YaYaYa"
"Mata ki ta Yāyāyā" (また来たヤーヤーヤー)
4 November 2000
One of the YaYaYa aliens shows Megumi a device of his, which can be used to shrink things. The grandparents stumble upon it and accidentally shrink themselves. They head underneath their home. Kuro, Mi, Suzuki, and Megumi go on a rescue mission.
59"Nana Becomes a Princess?"
"Nana ohimesama ni naru?" (ナナお姫様になる?)
11 November 2000
Nana is upset after Kuro rejects her. After meating up with Megumi they meet Prince Malo, an alien who resembles Kuro. He decides to make Nana into a princess, swapping roles with their current princess, Princess Mimi, who resembles Nana. After hearing about what happened, Kuro heads down to their lair to save Nana.
60"Challenge of Matatabi"
"Matatabi kara no chousen jou" (マタタビからの挑戦状)
18 November 2000
Kuro is attacked at his home. He finds out it was Matatabi so he goes out to find him. The two battle, with Kuro finding out that he is being controlled by someone. He and his friends eventually run into the evil doctor Tendou, who proceeds to attack Kuro with his army of mutant dogs.
61"Beautiful Muscular Woman - Great Battle!?"
"Kinniku bijo dai batoru!?" (筋肉美女大バトル!?)
25 November 2000
There is a huge festival in town! Nana, Megumi, and Grandma take part. Also competing is a young blond who is being followed by two men who Kuro must stop.
62"Suzuki's Present Tactics"
"Suzuki no purezento sakusen" (鈴木のプレゼント作戦)
2 December 2000
Suzuki needs advice in finding Megumi the perfect gift. After running into Kotaro, they decide on a necklace Dr. Go made. Little do either of them know, part of it was built to freeze terrains, sending Go and Mi into a state of panic. Using its tracking device, Kuro and his friends set out to save Megumi.
63"Enter the Scrap King"
"Sukurappu kingu toujou" (スクラップキング登場)
9 December 2000
During a fishing trip, Mi is swept into sea. Dr. Go and Kotaro set out to find him with some help from Jonathan (the guy from episode 38) but end up shipwrecked, and Kuro ends up on the same island after a house ambush. There is eventually a battle between Kuro and a giant junk monster.
64"Courier From Space"
"Uchuu kara no takuhai bin" (宇宙からの宅配便)
16 December 2000
There is a delivery with Romeo's name on it. Kuro and the others cannot find out what it is. Romeo explains to Kuro and Nana that the device is capable of exploding sending everyone into a state of panic.
65"Kotaro's Christmas"
"Kotarō no Kurisumasu" (コタローのクリスマス)
23 December 2000
Kotaro sees an elderly man and woman are asking for money and decides to help them. He is later stopped by a police man who tells him that they are scammers. Kotaro does not believe this however and runs away. Nana and Kuro see Kotaro running and inform Dr Go and Mi who decide to try to help him.
66"Great Shopping Duel Date!"
"Kaimono dēto dai kettō!" (買い物デート大決闘!)
6 January 2001

Princess Mimi shrinks down Nana and then orders Kuro to take her shopping. Everything goes well until Kuro gets into a battle with Matatabi. The two begin fighting, resulting in large amounts of damage to the town.

  • This episode was not broadcast anywhere else outside Japan. It was not meant to be the final episode as 78 were to be made, but the studio that animated the anime, Studio Bogey, along with the producers "PIBI" (Public and Basic) declared bankruptcy before the remaining episodes could be broadcast. Despite not being finished illustrations for episodes 67-70 were featured in Japanese TV magazine Telemaga. The un-aired episodes were replaced with rebroadcasts of 12 previous episodes until March 31st, when a new anime would begin airing that following week.

Other merchandise[edit]

The cover of Cyborg Kuro-chan: Devil Fukkatsu!! for Game Boy Color.

Takara Tomy made toys based on the characters. In 1999 the company released posable figures of the characters which included bendable limbs and detachable weapons, they also made trading cards and figures of Kuro and Mi with action features. In 2000 the company release 4 vehicle toys based on the Battleborgs from episode 19 of the anime, Matatabi, Kuro, Mi and Cyborg Kuro were released. Tomy also made special boxed figures which contained many accessories including weapons. These were the last Kuro-chan toys released by Tomy. [33]

Konami published video games based on the series. Kaettekita Cyborg Kuro-Chan (帰ってきた サイボーグクロちゃん, lit.Cyborg Kuro-chan Came Back), a shoot 'em up, was released for the PlayStation on 28 November 2002. Two Game Boy Color games were also released: Cyborg Kuro-chan: Devil Fukkatsu!! (サイボーグクロちゃん デビル復活!!, lit.Cyborg Kuro-chan: Devil's Revival ) on 23 March 2000,[34] and Cyborg Kuro-chan 2: White Woods no Gyakushū (サイボーグクロちゃん2 ホワイトウッズの逆襲, lit.Cyborg Kuro-chan: White Woods' Counterattack!!) on 19 October 2000.[35] Official game guides were released for the Game Boy Color games.[36][37]


Christian Hess, writing for the German site Animepro, noted the "thin storyline" of the manga.[14] Malindy Hetfield, writing for Splashcomics, felt that the artwork was closer to a child's drawing style than a manga style.[38] She felt the parodies in the second volume were very funny, cautioning that one needed to become accustomed to the drawing style,[39] and summed up the third volume as "You want hearty humor, wacky drawings, absolutely crazy characters and the greatest orgy of destruction that can be accommodated in 170 pages? Well then, let's go and buy!"[40] Nicholas Demay compared the series with Samurai Pizza Cats, and described the drawing style as cartoonish,[41] feeling that it supported the surreal tone of the manga,[42] by reminding the reader that despite the "explosive ambiance" that this is a humorous series,[43] intended for children.[44] He felt that by the fourth volume, it was clear that Yokouchi intended to use simple characterisations (especially in Dr. Go's case), but felt that this was effective and heightened the contrast between the cuteness of the series and its depictions of mass destruction.[45] Demay felt that the fifth volume, taking place in an alternate dimension, was a chance for Yokouchi to renew himself and to have a change of scenery, and noted that the backgrounds in this sequence are more detailed than usual.[46] He felt that the story of Kuro-chan and Nana's true relationship was "cute and funny".[47] Demay found the ninth volume "bleak", and hoped it was not a sign that the series was becoming tired,[48] but was relieved to find that the tenth volume returned to humorous storylines.[49] Demay was more prepared for the final volume's focus on action rather than comedy, but appreciated that the author "sprinkled through" many gags, which Demay felt Cyborg Kuro-chan would not be the same without, feeling that the it was an honorable conclusion to the series.[50]

The reviewer for Manga-News felt that the parodies of the early volumes quickly ran thin, and that the author's attempt to revive the series by adding in multiple characters left the reviewer confused. He felt that the later volumes' turn into emotional scenes and tragedy did not suit the series.[51] He noted the Die Hard parody in the second volume, and felt that the references to Japanese culture in this volume were not adequately explained by Pika in the appendix. Despite this, he felt that it was accessible to a wide audience as most of the gags were visual gags. He described Kuro-chan as "a cross between Astroboy and Felix the Cat on acid".[52] He felt that the translation sometimes altered jokes when they were clear in the original, for example, removing a reference to Pikachu.[53] The reviewer for Manga-News noted that although the fifth volume concerned a more serious initial scenario and could be read independently of the others, that the storyline was more of the same silly humor and exaggerated violence.[54] He felt that in the sixth volume, a "naive sentimentalism" clashed with the general ambiance of the series.[55] In the seventh volume, there is a fight between Suzuki's students and Kuro in the desert, which the reviewer for Manga-News describes as inappropriate.[56] In the ninth volume, the reviewer for Manga News felt that Chieko and Goro steal the stage from the main characters,[57] and that the tenth volume was unfocused.[58]


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