Cyborg Oretachi

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Cyborg Oretachi
Studio album by Halcali
Released July 18, 2007
Genre J-pop, Japanese hip hop
Label Sony Music Entertainment Japan
Halcali chronology
Halcali Mix
(2007)Halcali Mix2007
Cyborg Oretachi
Tokyo Groove
(2010)Tokyo Groove2010

Cyborg Oretachi (サイボーグ俺達, We, the Cyborgs) is the first major label album by Japanese band Halcali, their third original album, and fourth album release overall. The first press limited edition came with a bonus DVD. It is Halcali's first album to be released in both CD only, and CD+DVD formats.

Cyborg Oretachi also includes productions by O.T.F, Utamaru (Rhymester), Natalie Wise, Honestly, and Fantastic Plastic Machine, as well as collaborations and guest performances from Dr.kyOn (ex Bo Gumbos), Ram Rider, Your Song Is Good, Polysics, Skaparahorns, and Kendo Kobayashi.

Even though the single "Tōgenkyō / Lights, Camera. Action!" was listed as a double A-side, "Lights, Camera. Action!" is not on the album.

Track listing[edit]


  1. "Doo The Hammer!!"
  2. "It's Party Time!"
  3. "恋のブブブン" (Koi no Bububun, The Vroom Vroom Vroom of Love)
  4. "Twinkle Star"
  5. "endless lover's rain"
  6. "LOOK~Special Edition~" (Look: Special Edition)
  7. "サイボーグ俺達" (Cyborg Oretachi, We, the Cyborgs)
  8. "ドライバーズ・ライセンス feat.宇多丸(RHYMESTER)" (Driver's License feat. Utamaru (Rhymester))
  9. "フェスでウィッス!" (Fes de Ouissu!, Kickin' it at the Festival)
  10. "桃源郷" (Tōgenkyō, Shangri-la)
  11. "Tip Taps Tip "
  12. "春狩道~19の夜~" (HaruKari Michi~19 no Yoru~, The Halcali Road: 19 Nights)


  1. "Tip Taps Tip"
  2. "Twinkle Star"
  3. "Look"
  4. "桃源郷" (Tōgenkyō, Shangri-la)
  5. "It's Party Time!"
  6. "It's Party Time! Making"