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Cychreides is a fabled dragon, or serpent, from Greek mythology. It is named after Cychreus, the Greek demigod who either raised or killed it, depending on the version of the story being told.


Cychreus, son of Poseidon, either:

  • Raised a dragon/serpent as a pet, before he became ruler of Salamis. It went on a rampage, and was driven away or captured by Eurylochus, who gave it to Demeter, a goddess who then kept it for her own.[1]
  • Fought a dragon/serpent that was terrorizing the island of Salamis, and upon slaying it was made king.
  • Was known as "the dragon" for his hot-headed nature, and terrorized the island of Salamis until driven off by Eurylochus, but was received at Eleusis by Demeter, who made him her high priest.[2]


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