Cycle Psycho

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Cycle Psychos
Directed by John Lawrence
Produced by John Lawrence
Written by John Lawrence
Starring Joe Turkel
Stephen Oliver
Sean Kenney
Kitty Vallacher
Tom Drake
Music by Jerry Styner
Cinematography Bill Davies
Distributed by Troma Entertainment
Release date
Running time
80 minutes
Language English

Cycle Psycho (also known as Savage Abduction) is a 1973 thriller written and directed by John Lawrence and distributed by Troma Entertainment. This was the last film appearance for Stafford Repp before his death a year later.


A businessman hires a hitman to murder his wife. After he accomplishes the deed, the killer blackmails the husband into finding young girls for the murderer to torture and kill. The man makes a deal with a motorcycle gang to kidnap two young girls for that purpose.


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