Cycling at the 1904 Summer Olympics – 1/2 mile

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Men's 12 mile
at the Games of the III Olympiad
Venue Francis Field
Date August 2
Competitors 16 from 1 nation
1st, gold medalist(s) Marcus Hurley  United States
2nd, silver medalist(s) Teddy Billington  United States
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Burton Downing  United States
Cycling at the
1904 Summer Olympics
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The 12 mile was a track cycling event held as part of the Cycling at the 1904 Summer Olympics programme. It was the only time this .5 miles (800 m) event was held at the Olympics. 16 cyclists, all from the United States, competed. The names of 2 of the competitors are not known.



The top two finishers in each heat advanced to the semifinals. The identities of 2 of the 4 cyclists who placed fourth in each heat are unknown, though Joel N. McCrea and Oscar Schwab are known to have raced and so are the other 2 fourth-place finishers; which heat each raced in is not known.

Heat 1
1.  Marcus Hurley (USA) 1:08.6 QS
2.  George E. Wiley (USA) QS
3.  Arthur F. Andrews (USA)
4.  Unknown (USA)
Heat 2
1.  Aimé Fritz (USA) 1:07.0 QS
2.  Charles Schlee (USA) QS
3.  Oscar Goerke (USA)
4.  Unknown (USA)
Heat 3
1.  Teddy Billington (USA) 1:18.6 QS
2.  Henry Wittman (USA) QS
3.  Anthony Williamsen (USA)
4.  Unknown (USA)
Heat 4
1.  Burton Downing (USA) 1:13.6 QS
2.  Fred Grinham (USA) QS
3.  Leo Larson (USA)
4.  Unknown (USA)


The top two finishers in each semifinal advanced to the final.

Semifinal 1
1.  Marcus Hurley (USA) 1:12.8 QF
2.  George E. Wiley (USA) QF
3-4  Aimé Fritz (USA)
 Charles Schlee (USA)
Semifinal 2
1.  Teddy Billington (USA) 1:09.0 QF
2.  Burton Downing (USA) QF
3-4  Fred Grinham (USA)
 Henry Wittman (USA)


Gold  Marcus Hurley (USA) 1:09.0
Silver  Teddy Billington (USA)
Bronze  Burton Downing (USA)
4.  George E. Wiley (USA)