Cycling at the 1908 Summer Olympics – Men's 20 kilometres

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Men's 20 kilometres
at the Games of the IV Olympiad
OS Spiele 1908 20-km-Rennen.jpg
Venue White City Stadium
Date July 14
Competitors 44 from 10 nations
Gold medal    Great Britain
Silver medal    Great Britain
Bronze medal    Belgium
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Cycling at the
1908 Summer Olympics
Track cycling
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The men's 20 kilometres was one of seven track cycling events on the Cycling at the 1908 Summer Olympics programme. Its distance was the second longest of the individual event distances. The time limit for the race was 40 minutes.



There were two methods of qualifying for the final. A cyclist could either finish first in one of the six semifinals or be the leader "of the greatest number of laps in the three fastest heats.[1]"

Semifinal 1[edit]

Place Cyclist Nation Time
1 Leon Meredith Great Britain 33:21.0
2 Hermann Martens Germany 33:21.2
3 Joseph Werbrouck Belgium 33:21.4
4 André Lapize France Unknown
5 Georgius Damen Netherlands Unknown
6 Frederick McCarthy Canada Unknown
7-8 Pierre Hostein France Unknown
Rudolf Katzer Germany Unknown
Daniel Flynn Great Britain Did not finish

Semifinal 2[edit]

Place Cyclist Nation Time
1 Clarence Kingsbury Great Britain 32:33.8
2 Colin Brooks Great Britain 32:34.0
3 Floris Venter South Africa 32:34.4
4 Georges Lutz France Unknown
5 Gerard Bosch van Drakenstein Netherlands Unknown
6 François Bonnet France Unknown
7-9 Walter Andrews Canada Unknown
Jean van Benthem Belgium Unknown
Paul Schulze Germany Unknown

Semifinal 3[edit]

Place Cyclist Nation Time
1 Louis Weintz United States 33:39.8
2 Frank Shore South Africa 33:40.0
3 Harry Young Canada 33:45.2
4 Herbert Bouffler Great Britain Unknown
5 Max Triebsch Germany Unknown
6-7 Henri Cunault France Unknown
Dorus Nijland Netherlands Unknown
Frederick Hamlin Great Britain Did not finish

Semifinal 4[edit]

Place Cyclist Nation Time
1 Benjamin Jones Great Britain 32:39.0
2 George Cameron United States 32:39.2
3 T. H. E. Passmore South Africa 32:39.4
4 Octave Lapize France Unknown
5 Henri Baumler France Unknown
6-7 Alwin Boldt Germany Unknown
Johannes van Spengen Netherlands Unknown
W. Lower Great Britain Did not finish

Semifinal 5[edit]

Place Cyclist Nation Time
1 Andrew Hansson Sweden 34:53.6
2 David Robertson Great Britain 34:53.8
3 William Anderson Canada 34:55.6
Ioannis Santorinaios Greece Did not finish
Pierre Texier France Did not finish

Semifinal 6[edit]

Place Cyclist Nation Time
1 Arthur J. Denny Great Britain 33:40.6
2 Charles Avrillon France 33:40.8
3 Gustaf Westerberg Sweden 33:41.4
4 Guglielmo Morisetti Italy Unknown
Léon Couckelberg Belgium Disqualified


Place Cyclist Nation Time
1 Clarence Kingsbury Great Britain 34:13.6
2 Benjamin Jones Great Britain Unknown
3 Joseph Werbrouck Belgium Unknown
4 Louis Weintz United States Unknown
5-9 François Bonnet France Unknown
Arthur Denny Great Britain Unknown
Andrew Hansson Sweden Unknown
Octave Lapize France Unknown
Leon Meredith Great Britain Unknown


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