Cycling at the 1984 Summer Olympics – Women's individual road race

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Women's road race
at the Games of the XXIII Olympiad
Venue Streets of Mission Viejo
Date July 29
Competitors 45 from 16 nations
Winning time 2:11:14
1st, gold medalist(s) Connie Carpenter  United States
2nd, silver medalist(s) Rebecca Twigg  United States
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Sandra Schumacher  West Germany
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The women's individual road race was the only women's event to be held in cycling at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California. The 1984 Games marked the first time that a women's cycling event had been included in the Olympic program. The race took place on Sunday July 29, 1984 along the major roads within Mission Viejo, California. There were 45 participants in the race, from 16 nations, with one cyclist who did not finish.[1]

Final classification[edit]

RANK Rider Time
Med 1.png  Connie Carpenter (USA) 2:11:14
Med 2.png  Rebecca Twigg (USA)
Med 3.png  Sandra Schumacher (FRG)
4  Unni Larsen (NOR)
5  Maria Canins (ITA)
6  Jeannie Longo (FRA) +1:21
7  Helle Sørensen (DEN) +2:14
8  Ute Enzenauer (FRG)
9  Luisa Seghezzi (ITA)
10  Janelle Parks (USA)
11  Cécile Odin (FRA)
12  Ines Varenkamp (FRG)
13  Catherine Swinnerton (GBR)
14  Dominique Damiani (FRA)
15  Kristina Ranudd (SWE)
16  Tuulikki Jahre (SWE)
17  Linda Gornall (GBR)
18  Nina Søby (NOR)
19  Hege Stendahl (NOR)
20  Marielle Guichard (FRA)
21  Inga Thompson (USA)
22  Geneviève Robic-Brunet (CAN) +2:48
23  Roberta Bonanomi (ITA) +3:59
24  Marie-Claude Audet (CAN) +9:02
25  Marianne Berglund (SWE)
26  Johanna Hack (AUT) +9:28
27  Karen Strong-Hearth (CAN) +10:49
28  Leontine van der Lienden (NED)
29  Maria Blower (GBR)
30  Muriel Sharp (GBR)
31  Lu Suyan (CHN) +13:05
32  Kathlyn Ragg (FIJ) +14:45
33  Gabriele Altweck (FRG) +18:12
34  Emanuela Menuzzo (ITA)
35  Paula Westher (SWE)
36  Wang Li (CHN)
37  Hennie Top (NED)
38  Hilde Dobiasch (AUT)
39  Thea van Rijnsoever (NED)
40  Wakako Abe (JPN) +28:58
41  Lu Yu'e (CHN) +31:41
42  Choi Eun-suk (KOR) +32:36
43  Mun suk (KOR) +32:57
44  Son Yak-seon (KOR) +37:22
 Merilyn Phillips (CAY) DNF


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