Cycling at the 2004 Summer Olympics – Women's track time trial

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The women's 500 metre time trial in cycling at the 2004 Summer Olympics was a time trial race in which each of the twelve cyclists attempted to set the fastest time for two laps (500 metres) of the track.

In a field of personal bests, 20-year-old World Champion for the 500 m time trial, Anna Meares from Australia, set a new world record to claim the gold medal in 33.952 seconds. The previous world record was held by Yonghua Jiang of China, who minutes previously had set a new Olympic record in this event to claim the silver medal with a time of 34.112 seconds. Natallia Tsylinskaya from Belarus was awarded the bronze medal.


Gold Gold Silver Silver Bronze Bronze
 Anna Meares (AUS)  Jiang Yonghua (CHN)  Natallia Tsylinskaya (BLR)


Anna Meares's time of 33.952 in the event set a new world record, bettering Jiang Yonghua's world record and Félicia Ballanger's Olympic record.

World Record Jiang Yonghua (CHN) Kumming, China P.R. 34.000 s August 11, 2002
Olympic Record Félicia Ballanger (FRA) Sydney, Australia 34.140 s September 16, 2000


Final results[1]
Rank Race
Name Country 250 m
500 m
1 3 Anna Meares  Australia 19.164 33.952 WR
2 7 Jiang Yonghua  China 19.192 34.112
3 4 Natallia Tsylinskaya  Belarus 19.305 34.167
4 23 Simona Krupeckaitė  Lithuania 19.517 34.317
5 26 Yvonne Hijgenaar  Netherlands 19.519 34.532
6 16 Victoria Pendleton  Great Britain 19.696 34.626
7 6 Lori-Ann Muenzer  Canada 19.630 34.628
8 24 Nancy Contreras Reyes  Mexico 19.523 34.783
9 32 Svetlana Grankovskaya  Russia 19.739 34.797
10 21 Sayuri Osuga  Japan 19.704 35.045
11 17 Katrin Meinke  Germany 19.789 35.088
12 30 Tamilla Abassova  Russia 19.982 35.147