Cycling at the 2010 South American Games – Men's Keirin

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The Men's Keirin event at the 2010 South American Games was held on March 21. The qualifications and repechage were held on the morning and the semifinals and finals on the evening.


Gold Silver Bronze
Leonardo Narvaez
Cristian Leandro Saavedra
Mauricio Quiroga


First Round[edit]

Heat 1[edit]

Rank Rider Q
1  Leonardo Narvaez (COL) Q
2  Diego Fernando Vargas (ARG) Q
3  Cesar Marcano (VEN)
4  Pablo Esteban Zelada (CHI)
5  Fernando Fermino (BRA)
6  Jair Tjon En Fa (SUR)

Heat 2[edit]

Rank Rider Q
1  Cristian Leandro Saavedra (COL) Q
2  Davi Romeo (BRA) Q
3  Mauricio Quiroga (ARG)
4  Juan Sivira (VEN)
5  Gabriel Aguiar (URU)
 Christian Andres Zelada (CHI)


Repechage 1[edit]

Rank Rider Q
1  Cesar Marcano (VEN) Q
2  Juan Sivira (VEN)
3  Gabriel Aguiar (URU)
 Jair Tjon En Fa (SUR) DNS

Repechage 2[edit]

Rank Rider Q
1  Mauricio Quiroga (ARG) Q
2  Christian Andres Zelada (CHI)
3  Fernando Fermino (BRA)
4  Pablo Esteban Zelada (CHI)


Rank Rider
1st, gold medalist(s)  Leonardo Narvaez (COL)
2nd, silver medalist(s)  Cristian Leandro Saavedra (COL)
3rd, bronze medalist(s)  Mauricio Quiroga (ARG)
4  Davi Romeo (BRA)
5  Cesar Marcano (VEN)
 Diego Fernando Vargas (ARG)