Cycling at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Women's road race C4–5

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Cycling, Women's road race C4-5
at the XIV Paralympic Games
Venue Brands Hatch
Dates September 6
Competitors 15 from 9 nations
Gold medal    Great Britain
Silver medal    Poland
Bronze medal    United States
Cycling at the
2012 Summer Paralympics
Road cycling
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Road race
Men Women
Road race   B B
H1 H1–3
H4 H4
C1–3 C1–3
C4–5 C4–5
Mixed T1–2

The Women's road race C4-5 cycling event at the 2012 Summer Paralympics took place on September 6 at Brands Hatch. Fifteen riders from nine different nations competed. The race distance was 64 km.


DNF = Did Not Finish

Rank Name Country Class Time
1st, gold medalist(s) Sarah Storey Great Britain C5 1:40:36
2nd, silver medalist(s) Anna Harkowska Poland C5 1:47:58
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Kelly Crowley United States C5 1:48:34
4 Kerstin Brachtendorf Germany C5 1:51:15
5 Jennifer Schuble United States C5 1:54:50
6 Crystal Lane Great Britain C5 1:54:50
7 Annina Schillig Switzerland C5 1:55:43
8 Greta Neimanas United States C5 1:55:57
9 Susan Powell Australia C4 1:56:12
10 Fiona Southorn New Zealand C5 1:57:05
11 Ruan Jianping China C4 1:57:17
12 Sara Tretola Switzerland C5 1:57:19
13 Marie-Claude Molnar Canada C4 1:58:44
Alexandra Green Australia C4 DNF
Megan Fisher United States C4 DNF