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Country Australia
Governing body Cycling Australia
National team Australia
Nickname(s) Cyclones
International competitions

Cycling in Australia is a common form of recreation. In 2012, for the thirteenth year running, bicycle sales in Australia have outpaced car sales.[1]


Australia hosts the Tour Down Under which is the only UCI World Tour event in the southern hemisphere. Australians place strongly in cycling at the Olympic Games, UCI World Championships and other international events.

See also: the categories Australian cyclists and Cycle racing in Australia.


Many Australians ride a bike for recreation or commuting. There are a number of trails and shared paths in the major cities.

One Danish cyclist, Thomas Andersen, who had cycled around the world for four years in 2014, singled out Sydney as being the worst city for cyclists. [2][undue weight? ]

National bodies[edit]

  • Audax Australia, long distance road cycling
  • Bicycle Network is Australia's largest cycling membership organisations (45,000 members, 2015)[3] with offices in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.[4]
  • Cycling Australia[5] - the national administrative body responsible for the sport of cycling in Australia[6]
  • Cycling Promotion Fund [7]

State Bodies[edit]


  • Amy Gillett Foundation[9] - a charity to promote safe cycling in Australia[10]

Political Parties[edit]


  • Treadlie Magazine[11] - a magazine for bike lovers[12]
  • Bicycling Australia Magazine[13] - a Christian cycling magazine[14]


The Australian Bicycling Achievement Awards, an initiative of the Cycling Promotion Fund, have been held annually since 2002.[15]


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