Cycling in Hong Kong

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Cyclists in Hong Kong have the same rights and responsibilities as all other road users, except for prohibitions from expressways and some other designated locations, such as all tunnel areas, the Tsing Ma and Tsing Sha control areas, many elevated roads and many underpasses.[1] At least one hand must be kept on the handlebars at all times. Cyclists must use a cycle track wherever one is present.[2]

Cycle tracks[edit]

Map showing major cycling tracks in New Territories

Cycle tracks in Hong Kong are located predominantly in the New Territories, in new towns. Almost all the rules applicable on normal roads also apply on cycle tracks, as they are also roads, though motor vehicles and pedestrians are normally not allowed to enter or use them. However, apart from the prohibition of motor vehicles, most of these rules are not regularly enforced or followed.

Mountain biking[edit]

The mountain bike trails approved by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, are:

(High Junk Peak Mountain Bike Trail is not open on Sundays or public holidays)

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