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Critical mass cycling in Prague (Cyklojízda), 2007

Cycling in Prague is a popular leisure activity and a not so common mode of transport within the capital city of the Czech Republic. However, levels of utility cyclists have been rising recently.[1] In 2018, 2% of people commuted by bike in Prague (4% in summer, less than 2% in winter).[2] As of 2017, there were 178 km (111 mi) of protected cycle paths and routes in the city. Also, there are 48 km (30 mi) of bike lanes and 24 km (15 mi) of specially marked bus lanes that can be used by cyclists.[3]


Prague was never considered as a bike-friendly city. There were no signs of any cycling infrastructure before WW1. In 1956, the first Copenhagen-style bicycle lanes appeared in Letňany on Letňanská street.[4] The former bike lane is now used as a pedestrian walkway. Cycling infrastructure was usually not part of developing big housing panel house estates such as Jižní Město. The first modern bicycle path in Prague was built in 1986 in Stromovka park.[5] Its intended use was recreational cycling.

After the Velvet Revolution, there was substantial pressure to improve the infrastructure intended to be used by cars. Car traffic in the city doubled in the first five years after 1989. Popularity of leisure cycling also increased, the first city cycle routes were marked by the Czech Tourist Club. In 1993, the Council of Prague approved a plan of constructing 400 km of cycling routes in Prague until 2000. However, only less than half of the planned bicycle routes were completed in 2000. The first critical mass cycling in Prague was held in 1991 with around 80 participants.[5] In 2007, a voluntary association in favor of pedestrians and cyclists, Auto*Mat, was established. Furthermore, there is the magazine called „Prahou na kole", translated as „Prague by Bike", which includes an online cycling map.[6]

In 2022 Luko bike-friendly cities Global City Index, Prague ranked 73rd of total 90 analyzed metropolises around the world. It was next to Detroit, Istanbul or Cairo.[7]

Cyclists on traffic crossing for cyclists, Prague 4, 2008

Bike sharing[edit]

As of 2021, there are four bikesharing companies operating in Prague. Most of the Prague bikesharing systems function only seasonally, since winter 2020–2021, Rekola and Nextbike operated in wintertime. The table is showing operators and size of their bicycle fleet as of July 2023.

Bikesharing operators in Prague
Company Launch




Bicycles Notes
Number Year
Rekola 2013 1500 2023
Nextbike 2020 1500 2023
Lime 2020 150 2021 Operates a fleet of electric bikes and scooters[8]
Bolt 2020 100 2020 Operates a fleet of electric bikes[8]
ofo 2017 2017 300 2017 Unsuccessful test operation in Prague 7[9]
Freebike 2019 2020 450 2019 Operated a fleet of electric bikes
Velonet 20 2020[10] 50 2019 System was the only one with physical docks, located along Vltava river in Prague 4

Bicycles in public transport[edit]

Bike transportation is free on Prague Metro, ferries, Petřín hill funicular, in some trams and buses. In metro, bicycles can be transported on the first and last decks of each subway car. Bicycle on trams is allowed only outside of city center, with time exceptions.[11] If person wants to transport a bike in a Prague train, ticket for oversized luggage is needed. Specific spaces for the bikes are marked on from outside of the train. Only two bus lines allow carrying bicycles, as of 2019, those are lines 147 (to Suchdol) and Airport Express.



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