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A road cyclist wearing a typical, modern slim-fitting summer jersey with graphics design and association/sponsor logos.
The rear of the jersey features pockets at the waist facing upwards to store belongings.

A cycling jersey is a specialised jersey for cycling.

The cycling jersey used to be made of wool since the inception of cycling as a sport in the early 1900s,[1] while contemporary jerseys have evolved into technical sportswear that is lightweight, fitted, made of synthetic and moisture-wicking fabric.

A specialised cycling jersey for the road discipline features the following unique characteristics:[2][3][4]

  • A longer cut in the back to accommodate the bent-over cycling position
  • Pockets on the back panel to prevent spill
  • Silicone grippers at the hem to prevent the jersey from moving up the body while cycling
  • Full length zip to allow for ventilation
  • Tight-fitting cut to eliminate loose fabric and reduce air resistance
  • Moisture-wicking material to keep the cyclist cooler and more comfortable

Cycling jerseys are available in various cuts. For instance, a loose 'club cut' offering relaxed fit for recreational cyclists, and a form-fitting 'race cut' featuring a tailored fit that is tighter and shorter.[5] Jerseys for other cycling disciplines such as mountain biking have different characteristics. Looser jerseys allow body armour to be worn beneath.[6] Long sleeve options also provide additional protection against branches and twigs.[7]

Professional cycling is heavily sponsored. Regulations specify the size, colour and the placement of sponsor, national federation and manufacturer logos and other graphics.[8] In professional races, certain colours or patterns have special symbolism that signify the leader or the champion of a race or tour. Numbers are pinned on the back of the jersey for a race.

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