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Release dateFebruary, 1988
DesignBarry Oursler
ArtworkPython Anghelo
MusicChris Granner
Production run9,400

Cyclone is a pinball machine released by Williams Electronics in 1988. It features an amusement park theme and was advertised with the slogan "It'll blow you away!".[1]


Cyclone was the 2nd machine from Williams after Comet depicting the Coney Island amusement park. The game has no multiball which is not typical for its era.[2] The next sequel was Hurricane in 1991.[3]

A revolving mystery wheel is placed in the backbox - ranging from Zilch to 200k, Extra Ball, and Special.[4] A ferris wheel one on the playfield carries the ball for a portion of its rotation.[1]

The playfield features boomerang, comet, spookhouse, and cyclone shots. Images on the moving ferris wheel depict a young couple kiss as it turns. The art on the side of the backbox features an asian type dragon and on the side of cabinet a carnival type design.[5]

Digital versions[edit]

Cyclone was previously available as a licensed table in The Pinball Arcade. FarSight, the developer of The Pinball Arcade, lost the licenses to all Williams and Bally tables as of June 30, 2018.


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