Cyclone Quinten

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Quinten was a European windstorm that swept across France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland on February 9–10, 2009. Wind speeds reached more than 160 km/h (99 mph) on some mountains.[1][2]

Meteorological history[edit]

On February 8, a small low pressure area was located well to the west of the Azores.[3] Favorable conditions aloft meant Quenten could intensify to 980 mb (29 inHg) on February 9.[3] Early on February 10, Paris had recorded wind gusts at hurricane force.[3] As Quinten passed over Central Europe it weakened. Quinten had weakened to 1,002 mb (29.6 inHg) on February 12, and disappeared from the Berlin weather maps on the evening of February 13.[3]

Highest winds[edit]

Country Place Speed Country Place Speed
France Pointe du Raz (29) 141 km/h Germany Black Forest 166 km/h
Saint-Cast-le-Guildo (22) 138 km/h Weinbiet/Palatinate 133 km/h
Fontenay-le-Comte (85) 135 km/h Hohenpeissenberg 133 km/h
Orly (Paris) (94) 124 km/h Altenstadt 120 km/h
Auxerre (89) 118 km/h Switzerland Kleine Scheidegg 170 km/h
Dijon (21) 109 km/h La Dôle 152 km/h
Colmar (68) 102 km/h Moleson 148 km/h


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