Cyclops (roller coaster)

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Cyclops' final drop
Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park
Coordinates 43°36′58″N 89°47′23″W / 43.61611°N 89.78972°W / 43.61611; -89.78972Coordinates: 43°36′58″N 89°47′23″W / 43.61611°N 89.78972°W / 43.61611; -89.78972
Status Operating
Opening date 1995
Cost $7,000,000
General statistics
Type Wood
Manufacturer Custom Coasters International
Designer Dennis McNulty, Larry Bill
Track layout Terrain
Lift/launch system Chain
Height 70 ft (21 m)
Drop 75 ft (23 m)
Length 1,900 ft (580 m)
Speed 58 mph (93 km/h)
Duration 1:00
Max vertical angle 52°
G-force 4.2
Height restriction 48 in (122 cm)
Cyclops at RCDB
Pictures of Cyclops at RCDB

Cyclops is the name of a wooden roller coaster located at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. The ride starts with a left hand 180 degree 76- foot dive off the lift, traverses three short hills, and a right-handed drop in front of the station and then climbs back up to the breaks [1] is a short terrain roller coaster at only 1,750 feet.[1]

Cyclops first opened in 1995 and was built by Custom Coasters International and is intertwined with Zeus's structure. Cyclops was designed by Dennis McNulty and Larry Bill of Custom Coasters.[1] ride operates with a single five-car train, built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company. The last car of the train is notable among coaster enthusiasts for the intense ejector "air-time" experienced during the ride, especially on the second hill beside the station. Because of this, only riders 18 and older were allowed in the last two rows. However, in 2014, the second hill was re-profiled, and now anyone over the height of 48 inches can ride in last two rows.

Roller coaster stats[edit]

  • Height: 85 feet
  • Drop: 76 feet
  • Top Speed: 58 mph
  • Length: 1,750 feet
  • Trains: 1 - 20 passenger
  • Train Mfg: Philadelphia Toboggan Co.
  • Ride Time: 1 minute[1]


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