Cyclops Mountains

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The Cyclops Mountains (Indonesian: Pegunungan Cyclops) are located to the west of Jayapura in Papua, Indonesia, and north of Lake Sentani.

In Papua, it is also known as Dafonsoro or Dabonsolo mountain, and is the namesake for football club Persidafon.


Although a fairly small range, they have a highest point of 2160 m. at Gunung Ifar.


The Cyclops Mountains were given this name by Louis de Bougainville, who saw them from a distance while sailing along the north coast of New Guinea.

In the 1930s Evelyn Cheesman spent time in this area studying the insects.[1]

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Coordinates: 2°30′59″S 140°34′58″E / 2.51639°S 140.58278°E / -2.51639; 140.58278