Cyfri'r Geifr

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Cyfri'r Geifr (English: Counting the Goats), also known as Oes Gafr Eto after the first line, is a Welsh folk song. Both the tune and the words are traditional, and have developed over the centuries.

The song begins slowly, but the speed increases in each new verse. The first four lines are repeated before each new goat is counted. Further choruses can be added by choosing new colours for the goat. For a real tongue twister, each verse can be sung twice, doubling the speed the second time through. A pink goat is usually used for the last verse, as it is almost impossible to sing properly at any speed. The song is a popular test-piece in choral competitions, and has been recorded by many singers and choirs.

Although up to sixteen versions of the song have been identified, mainly regional, this version is the most common.


Oes gafr eto?
Oes heb ei godro?
Ar y creigiau geirwon
Mae’r hen afr yn crwydro.
Gafr wen, wen, wen.
Ie finwen, finwen, finwen.
Foel gynffonwen, foel gynffonwen,
Ystlys wen a chynffon wen, wen, wen.
Gafr ddu, ddu, ddu.
Ie finddu, finddu, finddu.
Foel gynffonddu, foel gynffonddu,
Ystlys ddu a chynffon ddu, ddu, ddu.
Gafr goch, goch, goch.
Ie fingoch, fingoch, fingoch.
Foel gynffongoch, foel gynffongoch,
Ystlys goch a chynffon goch, goch, goch.
Gafr las, las, las.
Ie finlas, finlas, fin las.
Foel gynffonlas, foel gynffonlas,
Ystlys las a chynffon las, las, las.
And, traditionally, in the last verse
the goat is always pink...
Gafr binc, binc, binc.
Ie fin binc, fin binc, fin binc.
Foel gynffonbinc, foel gynffonbinc,
Ystlys binc a chynffon binc, binc, binc.
Is there another goat?
That's not been milked?
On the craggy rocks
The old goat is wandering.
A white, white, white goat,
Yes white lipped, white lipped, white lipped,
A bald white tail, a bald white tail
A white flank and tail, white, white, white.
A black, black, black goat,
Yes black lipped, black lipped, black lipped,
A bald black tail, a bald black tail.
A black flank and tail, black, black, black.
A red, red, red goat,
Yes red lipped, red lipped, red lipped,
A bald red tail, a bald red tail.
A red flank and tail, red, red, red.
A blue, blue, blue goat,
Yes blue lipped, blue lipped, blue lipped,
A bald blue tail, a bald blue tail.
A blue flank and tail, blue, blue, blue.

A pink, pink, pink goat,
Yes pink lipped, pink lipped, pink lipped,
A bald pink tail, a bald pink tail.
A pink flank and tail, pink, pink, pink.

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