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Cygnet Theatre
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Cygnet Theatre, Friars Gate

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TypeDrama school
FounderMonica Shallis & Mary G Evans

Coordinates: 50°43′09″N 3°31′43″W / 50.7191°N 3.5286°W / 50.7191; -3.5286 The Cygnet Theatre is a drama school based at a theatre building of the same name in Exeter, Devon, England.[1]

It was founded in 1980 out of an association between Monica Shallis (1939−2006), Mary G. Evans (born 1934) and the Northcott Theatre, Exeter, then under the direction of Richard Digby Day.[2] It operates as a working theatre company, regularly producing plays to a professional standard, both at the Cygnet Theatre and on tour, giving its students a first-hand experience of life in the theatre industry. It is one of the smallest drama schools in the UK, only taking four students a year (twelve at any time across three years).[3] Its Patron is Peter Brook.

Visiting Directors include Richard Digby Day, Amanda Knott, Peter Ellis and Marina Calderone.

The Cygnet Theatre performs around six productions a year at the Cygnet Theatre, and visiting companies also perform regularly.

Notable alumni[edit]


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