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CygnusEd Professional
Developer(s) Bruce Dawson, Olaf Barthel
Initial release 1987; 30 years ago (1987)
Stable release
5.60 / September 20, 2010; 6 years ago (2010-09-20)
Operating system AmigaOS, MorphOS
Type Text editor
License Closed source

CygnusEd is a text editor for the Amiga OS and MorphOS. It was first developed in 1986-1987 by Bruce Dawson, Colin Fox and Steve LaRocque who were working for CygnusSoft Software.[1] It was the first Amiga text editor with an undo/redo feature[1] and one of the first Amiga programs that had an AREXX scripting port by which it was possible to integrate the editor with AREXX enabled C compilers and build a semi-integrated development environment. Many Amiga programmers grew up with CygnusEd and a considerable part of the Amiga software library was created with CygnusEd.[1] It is still one of very few text editors that support jerkyless soft scrolling.[citation needed]

It remained popular even after Commodore's bankruptcy in 1994. In 1997 version 4 was developed by Olaf Barthel and was ported to MorphOS by Ralph Schmidt in 2000 and made available for users having the original CygnusED 4 CDROM.[2][3] In 2007 version 5 was finished by Olaf Barthel again, which runs on AmigaOS 4.

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