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According to traditional Chinese uranography, the modern constellation Cygnus is located within the northern quadrant of the sky, which is symbolized as the The Black Tortoise of the North (北方玄武, Běi Fāng Xuán Wǔ).

The name of the western constellation in modern Chinese is 天鵝座 (tiān é zuò), meaning "the swan constellation".


The map of Chinese constellation in constellation Cygnus area consists of :

Four Symbols Mansion (Chinese name) Romanization Translation Asterisms (Chinese name) Romanization Translation Western star name Chinese star name Romanization Translation
The Black Tortoise of the North (北方玄武) Niú Ox 輦道 Niǎndào Imperial Passageway
4 Cyg 輦道四 Niǎndàosì 4th star
17 Cyg 輦道五 Niǎndàowu 5th star
11 Cyg 輦道增三 Niǎndàozēngsān 3rd additional star
15 Cyg 輦道增四 Niǎndàozēngsì 4th additional star
η Cyg 輦道增五 Niǎndàozēngwǔ 5th additional star
φ Cyg 輦道增六 Niǎndàozēngliù 6th additional star
β Cyg 輦道增七 Niǎndàozēngqī 7th additional star
2 Cyg 輦道增八 Niǎndàozēngbā 8th additional star
8 Cyg 輦道增九 Niǎndàozēngjiǔ 9th additional star
Girl 天津 Tiānjīn Celestial Ford
γ Cyg[1]
天津一 Tiānjīnyī 1st star
天津西第二星 Tiānjīxīdìèrxīng 2nd western star
δ Cyg[1]
天津二 Tiānjīnèr 2nd star
天津西第一星 Tiānjīxīdìyīxīng 1st western star
30 Cyg 天津三 Tiānjīnsān 3rd star
α Cyg[1]
天津四 Tiānjīnsì 4th star
天津东第一星 Tiānjīdōngdìyīxīng 1st eastern star
ν Cyg[1] 天津五 Tiānjīnwu 5th star
τ Cyg[1] 天津六 Tiānjīnliù 6th star
υ Cyg[1] 天津七 Tiānjīnqī 7th star
ζ Cyg[1] 天津八 Tiānjīnbā 8th star
ε Cyg[1]
天津九 Tiānjīnjiǔ 9th
天津西第三星 Tiānjīxīdìsānxīng 3rd western star
14 Cyg 天津增一 Tiānjīnzēngyī 1st additional star
19 Cyg 天津增二 Tiānjīnzēngèr 2nd additional star
22 Cyg 天津增三 Tiānjīnzēngsān 3rd additional star
25 Cyg 天津增四 Tiānjīnzēngsì 4th additional star
27 Cyg 天津增五 Tiānjīnzēngwǔ 5th additional star
28 Cyg 天津增六 Tiānjīnzēngliù 6th additional star
29 Cyg 天津增七 Tiānjīnzēngqī 7th additional star
36 Cyg 天津增八 Tiānjīnzēngbā 8th additional star
34 Cyg 天津增九 Tiānjīnzēngjiǔ 9th additional star
40 Cyg 天津增十 Tiānjīnzēngshí 10th additional star
44 Cyg 天津增十一 Tiānjīnzēngshíyī 11th additional star
42 Cyg 天津增十二 Tiānjīnzēngshíèr 12th additional star
47 Cyg 天津增十三 Tiānjīnzēngshísān 13th additional star
35 Cyg 天津增十四 Tiānjīnzēngshísì 14th additional star
39 Cyg 天津增十五 Tiānjīnzēngshíwǔ 15th additional star
41 Cyg 天津增十六 Tiānjīnzēngshíliù 16th additional star
48 Cyg 天津增十七 Tiānjīnzēngshíqī 17th additional star
49 Cyg 天津增十八 Tiānjīnzēngshíbā 18th additional star
52 Cyg 天津增十九 Tiānjīnzēngshíjiǔ 19th additional star
69 Cyg 天津增二十六 Tiānjīnzēngèrshíliù 26th additional star
70 Cyg 天津增二十七 Tiānjīnzēngèrshíqī 27th additional star
σ Cyg 天津增二十八 Tiānjīnzēngèrshíbā 28th additional star
61 Cyg 天津增二十九 Tiānjīnzēngèrshíjiǔ 29th additional star
λ Cyg 天津增三十 Tiānjīnzēngsānshí 30th additional star
56 Cyg 天津增三十一 Tiānjīnzēngsānshíyī 31st additional star
57 Cyg 天津增三十二 Tiānjīnzēngsānshíèr 32nd additional star
55 Cyg 天津增三十三 Tiānjīnzēngsānshísān 33rd additional star
ω² Cyg 天津增三十四 Tiānjīnzēngsānshísì 34th additional star
ο² Cyg 天津增三十七 Tiānjīnzēngsānshíqī 37th additional star
奚仲 Xīzhòng Xi Zhong
κ Cyg[1] 奚仲一 Xīzhòngyī 1st star
ι Cyg[1] 奚仲二 Xīzhòngyīèr 2nd star
θ Cyg[1] 奚仲三 Xīzhòngsān 3rd star
16 Cyg 奚仲四 Xīzhòngsì 4th star
7 Cyg 奚仲增一 Xīzhòngzēngyī 1st additional star
20 Cyg 奚仲增二 Xīzhòngzēngèr 2nd additional star
26 Cyg 奚仲增三 Xīzhòngzēngsān 3rd additional star
33 Cyg 奚仲增四 Xīzhòngzēngsì 4th additional star
HD 189276 奚仲增五 Xīzhòngzēngwǔ 5th additional star
23 Cyg 奚仲增六 Xīzhòngzēngliù 6th additional star
Wēi Rooftop
Jiù Mortar μ1 Cyg[2] 臼一 Jiùyī 1st star
車府 Chēfǔ Big Yard for Chariots
ρ Cyg[2] 車府四 Chēfǔsì 4th star
59 Cyg 車府五 Chēfǔwǔ 5th star
ξ Cyg[2] 車府六 Chēfǔliù 6th star
74 Cyg 車府七 Chēfǔqī 7th star
51 Cyg 車府增一 Chēfǔzēngyī 1st additional star
60 Cyg 車府增二 Chēfǔzēngèr 2nd additional star
63 Cyg 車府增三 Chēfǔzēngsān 3rd additional star
75 Cyg 車府增五 Chēfǔzēngwǔ 5th additional star
77 Cyg 車府增六 Chēfǔzēngliù 6th additional star
76 Cyg 車府增七 Chēfǔzēngqī 7th additional star
72 Cyg 車府增八 Chēfǔzēngbā 8th additional star
Shì Encampment 騰蛇 Téngshé Flying Serpent
π2 Cyg[3] 螣蛇三 Téngshésān 3rd star
π1 Cyg[3] 螣蛇四 Téngshésì 4th star

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