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Cymru Annibynnol, the Independent Wales Party is a small political party operating in Wales. They were formed as a splinter from Plaid Cymru in January 2000, when that party's leader Ieuan Wyn Jones distanced Plaid from supporting Welsh independence.

Cymru Annibynnol are an expressly republican organisation seeking full independence for Wales from the United Kingdom. They contested various seats in the Welsh Assembly elections of 2003. The party describes their aims and methods as being:

People voluntarily organising and pursuing their aims by peaceful political activity freely associating together according to the provisions of the Party's Constitution. The party is non-sectarian and inclusive of all people who consider themselves Welsh.
Our aim is to secure full Independence for Wales as a democratic and sovereign state ensuring economic prosperity and social harmony for the people of Wales and safeguarding our common Welsh heritage, language, culture and identity.

Broadly they are like Plaid Cymru: a left-leaning party that favours independence as a means to combatting what they perceive as the negative effects of globalisation, also favouring wealth redistributive measures.

They have stated that they do not intend to contest elections to the British House of Commons and will instead contest only local elections, and those to the Welsh Assembly. They contested the 2003 Assembly elections but did not poll highly. They have thus far to make much impact politically.

Cymru Annibynnol changed its name in 2004 when it became Cymru Rydd - Welsh Republicans. Its tag line is "Fe godwn ni eto! We shall rise again"

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