Cynan ab Owain Gwynedd

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Cynan ab Owain Gwynedd (died 1174) was an illegitimate son of Owain Gwynedd, a Prince of the ancient Kingdom of Gwynedd, Wales. He held the title "Lord of Meirionnydd". Before his father's death in 1169 he became implicated in the murder of a prince of Deheubarth and was deposed from his lands by his elder brother Hywel.

He supported his sons Gruffudd and Maredudd in the palace coup against his father's chosen successor (Hywel) in 1170. After Hywel had been safely despatched he was driven into exile himself in 1173 by Gwynedd's new co-rulers Dafydd and Rhodri. After Cynan's death in 1174 his sons would come to support his nephew Llywelyn ab Iorwerth's successful bid for the throne in 1195.

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