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Cynar [tʃiˈnar] is an Italian bitter liqueur made from 13 herbs and plants. Predominant amongst these is the artichoke (Cynara scolymus), from which the drink derives its name. Cynar is dark brown in color, has a bittersweet flavor, and its strength is 16.5% ABV.

It comes within the Italian category of alcoholic beverage known as amaro.

Cynar can be taken as either a digestive, or as a cocktail (mixed with soda water and lemon or orange slice, or with cola, eggnog, tonic water, milk or bitter lemon soda). Europeans often mix it with orange juice, especially in Switzerland and Southern Germany where Cynar and orange juice is a very popular combination. A variation of the Negroni cocktail uses Cynar in place of Campari. Because of its artichoke component, Cynar is also regarded as a digestif, as well as an apéritif.

Since 1995 Cynar has been manufactured and distributed by the Campari Group.

0.7 liter bottle of Cynar.



The liquor becomes popular with the carousels in the early 60s of the '900, thanks to the successful series of television commercials, played first by Ferruccio De Ceresa and then, from 1966, by ERNESTO CALINDRI. The carousel showed the actor sipping Cynar sitting at a table placed in the middle of a busy street, where unabashedly urges consumers to drink Cynar "against the strain of modern life."

The partnership between the actor and the harsh brand until 1984; towards the end of the seventies the carousel changes setting and, from the busy city, move to a field of artichokes.

The nineties[edit]

Television communication continues in the nineties with other advertising, including Zanzibar (1995), music by Enzo Whittaker, The Beautiful Alcachofa(1997), played by showgirl Natalia Estrada.

Two thousand years[edit]

Since September 2007 Cynar repeats the slogan of the sixties "against the strain of modern life" in an ironic, thanks to the participation of the group Elio e le Storie Tese. New testimonial are in the middle of a busy road junction, and flee from the chaos that surrounds them thanks to a bottle of Cynar that turns into a spaceship shaped artichoke, the Carciof One, which catapult them into space. In this spot, when the group drinking Cynar in the street, on the page of a newspaper appears the photo of Calindri with the slogan "against the strain of modern life."

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