Cyneberht of Lindsey

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Bishop of Lindsey
Appointed between 716 and 731
Term ended 731
Predecessor Edgar
Successor Alwig
Consecration between 716 and 731
Personal details
Died 731
Denomination Christian

Cyneberht[a] was a medieval Bishop of Lindsey.

Cyneberht was consecrated between 716 and 731. He died in 731.[1] His death is recorded in the second continuation of the medieval chronicler Bede's Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum under the year 732.[2] He was also one of the informants for Bede's historical works, mainly for information about his diocese.[3] Bede recorded Cyneberht's information as coming from "the most reverent Bishop Cyneberht".[4]


  1. ^ Or Embercus or Kinebertus


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Bishop of Lindsey
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