Cynesige of Lichfield

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Bishop of Lichfield
Appointed between 946–949
Term ended between 963–964
Predecessor Ælfwine
Successor Wynsige
Consecration between 946–949
Personal details
Died between 963–964

Cynesige[a] (died c. 963) was a medieval Bishop of Lichfield.

Cynesige was consecrated between 946 and 949 and died between 963 and 964.[1] He was a relative of Dunstan and left the king's court soon after the coronation of King Eadwig of England in January 956, along with Dunstan who was Abbot of Glastonbury at the time. The Life of Dunstan states that the reason the bishop and abbot were dismissed from court was that they denounced the new king and his new bride Ælfgifu.[2]


  1. ^ Or Kynsy or Kinsey or Kinsius


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Bishop of Lichfield
c. 963–c. 963
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