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dogstail grass
Cynosurus echinatus — Flora Batava — Volume v20.jpg
Cynosurus echinatus [1]
Scientific classification

Type species
Cynosurus cristatus
  • Falona Adans.
  • Phalona Dumort.
  • Cynosurus sect. Falona (Adans.) Benth. & Hook. f.

Cynosurus is a genus of Eurasian and North African plants in the grass family. Plants in this genus are known generally as dogstail grass. They are native to the Mediterranean Basin and neighboring regions, but some have been introduced into Australia as well as North and South America.[5][6][7][8]

formerly included[4]

Numerous names have been coined using the name Cynosurus, applied to species now regarded as better suited to other genera (Aegopogon Apera Beckmannia Bouteloua Centotheca Chloris Coelachyrum Cynodon Dactyloctenium Desmostachya Dinebra Eleusine Enteropogon Festuca Harpochloa Lamarckia Leptochloa Ochthochloa Oreochloa Polypogon Rostraria Sclerochloa Sesleria Sesleriella Tribolium Wangenheimia). Here are links to help you find the appropriate information


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