Cynthia Falabella

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Cynthia Falabella
Cynthia Falabella, 2010.
Born Cynthia Lima Falabella
(1972-01-19) January 19, 1972 (age 45)
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Occupation Actress
Parent(s) Rogério Falabella
Maria Olympia
Relatives Débora Falabella (sister)

Cynthia Lima Falabella (born January 19, 1972 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil) is a Brazilian actress. Daughter of actor Rogério Falabella and singer Maria Olympia, she is the sister of actress Débora Falabella.


In 2002, it took about four minutes on the video kicking and screaming as he left the scene to load that Cynthia could get more recognition than hitherto in the nine-year career in the theater.[1] Call to replace her younger sister, Débora Falabella of O Clone to Mel, who spent one week at a hospital treating meningitis, Cynthia took the job.[2]

That was not the first time the two exchanged paper. Deborah has already replaced her sister at the theater in 1998 as Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz, no one in the audience noticing.[3]

On television, Cynthia also participated in the América novel of 2005[4] is Tempo Final in 2008.

In cinema, the work of Cynthia were in O Quintal dos Guerrilheiros, short film, 2005; Os 12 Trabalhos (2006), Batismo de Sangue (2006)[5] is 5 Frações de Uma Quase História (2007).[6]

In 2008, she is his sister share the stage in The Serpent, last play written by playwright Nelson Rodrigues.[3]

In 2010, returns to the television series A Vida Alheia of Rede Globo,[7] the same year was Chico Xavier[8] is in the movie was the play TOC TOC (2010/2011). Later that same year she signed with the SBT[8][9] to act in the novel Corações Feridos,[10] that this novel shelved.[11]

In 2011, the pileup of the novel Corações Feridos, Cynthia back to Rede Globo's soap opera Aquele Beijo.[12][13][14]



Year Title Role Notes
2001 O Clone Mel Ferraz / Monique Cameo
2005 América Cidinha
2008 Tempo Final Andrea Episode: "Poseida"
2010 A Vida Alheia Myrna Episode: "O Sequestro"
2011 Corações Feridos Aline Almeida Varela
2011 Aquele Beijo Estela
2012 (fdp) Manuela


Year Title Role Notes
1998 A Hora Vagabunda Short film
2004 Aqueles Dias
2005 Manual Para Atropelar Cachorro Short film
2005 O Quintal dos Guerrilheiros Magali Short film
2006 Os 12 Trabalhos Gêmeas
2006 Batismo de Sangue Jana
2007 5 Frações de Uma Quase História Lúcia
2008 Quarto 38 Mari Short film
2010 Chico Xavier Professora
2011 Essa Maldita Vontade de Ser Pássaro Clara
2012 De Outros Carnavais Narration Short film


Year Title
2006 O Tempo e Os Conways
2006 Jeca Voador
2007 Toalete
2008 A Serpente
2010 TOC TOC
2014 Bull


Year Category Awards Title Result
2008 Crystal Lens Miami Brazilian Film Festival 5 Frações de Uma Quase História Winner[15]


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