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Cynthia Zarin (born 1959) is an American poet, and magazine editor.


She graduated from Harvard University magna cum laude, and Columbia University with an M.F.A.

She married Michael Seccareccia on January 24, 1988, but later divorced.[1] She married Joseph Goddu on December 6, 1997.[2]

She teaches at Yale University.[3] She has written for the New York Times, Architectural Digest,[4] and is a contributing editor for Gourmet, and staff writer at the New Yorker.[5]






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Cynthia Zarin's second collection, Fire Lyric, has no image so arresting it sears its way into the brain, no one poem so visually striking that it stands in stark, memorable relief once the book has been closed. And that seems curious for a poet to whom seeing matters so very much; indeed, one of the collection's finest poems, "The Venetian Optician," presents a metaphysics of vision that informs nearly every poem in Fire Lyric.[6]


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