Cyprian Bridge Island

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Cyprian Bridge Island is a small island located among the Solomon Islands.[1][2][3] The island lies at a latitude of -6.85 and a longitude of 156.18333. It is an uninhabited volcanic island that lies between the islands of Fauro (30 km to the southwest) and Choiseul (much larger island about 100 km to the northeast). The island lies within Choiseul Province.


The island is named after Major Cyprian Bridge (1807-1885) who was a British army officer, particularly famed for his activities in the Flagstaff War, which was fought against the Māori in New Zealand in 1845. He was the uncle of Admiral Sir Cyprian Bridge (1839-1924) who was the head of British Naval Intelligence.


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Coordinates: 6°51′S 156°11′E / 6.850°S 156.183°E / -6.850; 156.183