Cypriot Cup for lower divisions

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Cypriot Cup for lower divisions
Founded 2008
Region Cyprus Cyprus (Cyprus Football Association)
Number of teams 30
Current champions Alki Oroklini (1st title)
Most successful club(s) 8 clubs (1 title)
Television broadcasters CytaVision
2016–17 Cypriot Cup for lower divisions

Cypriot Cup for lower divisions is a domestic cup for the teams who participate in the Cypriot Third Division and in the STOK Elite Division (ex Fourth Division).


It was created in the 2008–09 season by Cyprus Football Association. Participation in this cup is not compulsory, so the number of the clubs that participate is different each year. The competition is a knockout tournament. The matches in the first two rounds are single-legged and the matches in quarterfinals and semifinals are two-legged. The final is a single match played in neutral ground. The winner and the finalist of the cup are receiving a respectful amount of money by CFA as a bonus prize. The sponsor of the competition is Coca-Cola.


The list of finals:

Year Winner Score Runner-up Venue
2008–09 Elpida Xylofagou 2–1 (aet) Digenis Oroklinis Dasaki Stadium
2009–10 Chalkanoras Idaliou 1–0 AEK Kouklia Geroskipou Stadium
2010–11 Ethnikos Assia 1–0 ENAD Polis Chrysochous GSP Stadium
2011–12 Digenis Morphou 2–1 (aet) AEK Kouklia Parekklisia Stadium
2012–13 THOI Lakatamia 1–0 ENAD Polis Chrysochous Polis Chrysochous Stadium
2013–14 Adonis Idaliou 2–0 Elpida Xylofagou Dasaki Stadium
2014–15 Akritas Chlorakas 1–0 PAEEK Geroskipou Stadium
2015–16 Alki Oroklini 2–1 P.O. Xylotympou Dasaki Stadium

Performance by club[edit]

Club Winners Runners-up Winning Years
Elpida Xylofagou 1 1 2009
Chalkanoras Idaliou 1 0 2010
Ethnikos Assia 1 0 2011
Digenis Morphou 1 0 2012
THOI Lakatamia 1 0 2013
Adonis Idaliou 1 0 2014
Akritas Chlorakas 1 0 2015
Alki Oroklini 1 0 2016
AEK Kouklia 0 2
ENAD Polis Chrysochous 0 2
Digenis Oroklinis 0 1
P.O. Xylotymbou 0 1