Cypriot enosis referendum, 1950

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An unofficial referendum on enosis with Greece was held in Cyprus between 15 and 22 January 1950.[1] Only Greek Cypriots could vote, and the proposal was approved by 95.71% of those taking part.[1]


On 12 December 1949, Archbishop Makarios II had called on the British authorities to hold a referendum on the future of the island.[1] After they refused, the Church Council and the Enosis organisation organised a referendum.[1] Signature books were provided in churches between 15 and 22 January 1950.[1] The books had two columns, entitled "We demand union with Greece" and "We are against the union of Cyprus with Greece".[1]


Choice Votes %
For 215,108 95.71
Against 9,639 4.29
Invalid/blank votes
Total 224,747 100
Registered voters/turnout
Source: Direct Democracy


After the referendum, the Church of Cyprus publicly admonished those who had voted against enosis. In the latter years of British rule in Cyprus, the Church sought to silence dissenting opinion among Greek Cypriots, sometimes by violent means.[2]


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