Cypriot Second Division

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Cypriot Second Division
Country Cyprus
Number of teams14
Promotion toFirst Division
Relegation toThird Division
Domestic cup(s)Cypriot Cup
Current championsAE Paphos
(Cypriot Second Division 2007–08)
Cypriot Second Division 2008–09

Second Division (Greek: Δεύτερη Κατηγορία) is the second highest professional football league in Cyprus.


Fourteen clubs compete in the league, playing each other twice, once at home and once away for a total of 26 games per team. The top three clubs are promoted to the first division and the bottom three are relegated to the third division.


The fourteen teams that participate in the Cypriot Second Division 2008–09 season are:


This table is compiled from information found on Wikipedia and other sources. It might not be accurate for older seasons (before 1993-94).

Season Winner
1953-54 Aris Limassol
1954-55 Nea Salamis
1955-56 Aris Limassol
1956-57 Apollon Limassol
1957-58 Orfeas Nicosia
1958-59 not held
1959-60 Alki Larnaca
1960-61 E.N.A.O.
1961-62 Panellinios
1962-63 Panellinios
1963-64 abandoned
1964-65 abandoned
1965-66 APOP Paphos
1966-67 ASIL Lysi
1967-68 Evagoras Paphos
1968-69 EN Paralimni
1969-70 Digenis Morphou
1970-71 APOP Paphos
1971-72 Evagoras Paphos
1972-73 APOP Paphos
1973-74 ASIL Lysi
1974-75 APOP Paphos
1975-76 Chalkanoras Idaliou
1976-77 APOP Paphos
1977-78 Omonia Aradippou
1978-79 Keravnos Strovolos
1979-80 Nea Salamis
1980-81 Evagoras Paphos
1981-82 Alki Larnaca
1982-83 Ermis Aradippou
1983-84 Olympiakos Nicosia
1984-85 Ermis Aradippou
1985-86 Ethnikos Achna
1986-87 APEP Pitsilia
1987-88 Keravnos Strovolos
1988-89 Evagoras Paphos
1989-90 APEP Pitsilia
1990-91 Evagoras Paphos
1991-92 Ethnikos Achna
1992-93 Omonia Aradippou
1993-94 Aris Limassol
1994-95 Evagoras Paphos
1995-96 APOP Paphos
1996-97 AEL Limassol
1997-98 Olympiakos Nicosia
1998-99 Anagennisi Dherynia
1999-00 Digenis Morphou
2000-01 Alki Larnaca
2001-02 Nea Salamis
2002-03 Anagennisi Dherynia
2003-04 Nea Salamis
2004-05 APOP Kyniras Peyias
2005-06 AE Paphos
2006-07 APOP Kyniras Peyias
2007–08 AE Paphos

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