Cyprus–Greece relations

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Cypriot–Greek relations
Map indicating locations of Cyprus and Greece



Cypriot–Greek relations are the foreign relations between Cyprus and Greece. Cyprus has an embassy in Athens and a consulate-general in Thessaloniki. Greece has an embassy in Nicosia. Both countries are full members of the European Union, Council of Europe and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). Relations between the two countries have been exceptionally close since antiquity. The Greek Cypriot majority in Cyprus and the ethnic Greek population of Greece share a common ethnicity, heritage, language, and religion, leading to an exceptionally close relationship between the two countries. Traditionally, Greece has been the major export and import partner of Cyprus.

Cooperation and agreements[edit]

Country comparison[edit]

Greek Foreign Minister Stavros Dimas with President of the House of Representatives of Cyprus Yiannakis Omirou in November 2011
 Cyprus  Greece
Population 1,099,341 10,815,016
Area 9,251 km2 (3,572sq mi) 131,990 km2 (50,944sq mi)
Population Density 117/km2 (303/sq mi) 85.3/km2 (221/sq mi)
Capital Nicosia Athens
Largest City Nicosia – 310,355 (398,293Metro) Athens – 3,074,160 (3,737,550Metro)
Government Presidential republic Parliamentary republic
Official languages Greek and Turkish Greek
Main religions 75% Christian, 18% Muslim, 7% Others 98% Christianity, 1.3% Muslim, 0.7% Others
Ethnic groups 77% Greek Cypriot, 18% Turkish Cypriot, 5% Others 93.76% Greeks, 4.32% Albanians, 0.39% Bulgarians,
0.23% Romanians, 0.18% Ukrainians, 0.14% Pakistani,
0.12% Russians, 0.12% Georgians, 0.09% Indians, 0.65% Others
GDP (nominal) US$24.949 billion (US$30,570 per capita) US$303.065 billion ($27,073 per capita)
GDP (PPP) $23.723 billion ($29,074 per capita) $294.339 billion ($26,293 per capita)
Military expenditures $510,000,000 (1.8% of GDP) $7,502,000,000 (2.3% of GDP)
Military Troops 60,800 461,600
English Speakers 73%[1] 51%[1]
Labour Forces 403,000 5,010,000

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