Cyprus–Saudi Arabia relations

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Cyprus-Saudi Arabia relations
Map indicating locations of Cyprus and Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia

Cypriot–Saudi Arabian relations are foreign relations between Cyprus and Saudi Arabia. The two countries share membership of the United Nations. Cyprus is represented to Saudi Arabia through its accredited honorary consulate in Jeddah. Saudi Arabia is represented to Cyprus through its accredited embassy in Nicosia. The political relations are close due to similarities between the 2 countries on historical, geographical and economical issues.[1]


The excellent relations between Cyprus and Saudi Arabia, as well as the need to further promote the two countries’ Middle East dimension were among the issues that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia Saud Al Faisal who has expressed the respect of his country to the territorial integrity of Cyprus and the relevant UN resolutions, during a meeting with his Cypriot counterpart Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis, who paid a visit to Riyadh in 2012.[2]

Saudi Arabian stance on Cyprus dispute[edit]

Saudi Arabian stance on the Cyprus dispute remains steadfast and committed to the UN Charter and international legality and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia Saud Al Faisal added in 2012 that Saudi Arabia supports a united and federal Cyprus, and opposes any effort for secession or partition regarding all the problems of the region.

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