Cyprus International Football Tournament

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Cyprus International Football Tournament
RegionCyprus (UEFA)
Number of teams4
Current championsUkraine Ukraine
Most successful team(s)Romania Romania (3 titles)

The Cyprus International Football Tournament was an annual winter association football friendly competition for national teams that takes place in Cyprus. It was traditionally held in February as a friendly tournament since at least 1997, and last played in 2011. The 2006 tournament was played in two parallel groups.


Of various matches played in February 1995 and 1996 it is not clear whether they were part of a tournament or not (most likely they were just a collection of unrelated friendlies).

  • 1995
Norway 7–0 Estonia
Cyprus 0–2 Norway
Cyprus 3–1 Estonia
  • 1996
Estonia 0–0 Azerbaijan
Cyprus 1–0 Estonia
Estonia 2–2 Faroe Islands
Azerbaijan 3–0 Faroe Islands


Season Winners Score Runners-up
1997 Poland Poland Cyprus Cyprus
1998 Cyprus Cyprus 1–0 Slovenia Slovenia
1999 Greece Greece 1–0 Belgium Belgium
2000 Cyprus Cyprus 3–2 aet Romania Romania
2001 Romania Romania 3–0 Lithuania Lithuania
2002 Czech Republic Czech Republic 4–3 Cyprus Cyprus
2003 Russia Russia 4–2 Romania Romania
2004 Romania Romania 3–0 Hungary Hungary
2005 Finland Finland 2–1 Cyprus Cyprus
2006 Greece Greece 2–0 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Romania Romania 2–0 Slovenia Slovenia
2007 Bulgaria Bulgaria 3–0 Cyprus Cyprus
2008 apparently not as tournament (see Cyprus Four Nations Football Tournament 2008)
2009 Ukraine Ukraine 1–0 Serbia Serbia
2011 Ukraine Ukraine 1–1 aet (5–4 pen) Sweden Sweden


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