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Cyprus Olympic Committee
Cyprus Olympic Committee logo
Cyprus Olympic Committee logo
Country/Region  Cyprus
Code CYP
Created 1974
Recognized 1979
Headquarters Olympic House, Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus
President Dinos Michaelides
Secretary General Charalambos Lottas

The Cyprus Olympic Committee (COC) (Greek: Κυπριακή Ολυμπιακή Επιτροπή) was established in 1974 and in 1979 was recognised by the International Olympic Committee. It is responsible for promoting the Olympic ideals on the island and for ensuring that Cyprus is represented with athletes at the Summer and Winter Olympic Games as well as at other regional and continental multisport Games.

Members of the Committee are 31 Sports Federations, which elect the Executive Council composed of the president and eleven members.

The COC organized twice the Games of the Small States of Europe, in 1989 and in 2009.

Mission and Games[edit]

The Cyprus Olympic Committee is responsible for safeguarding and implementing Olympism and the Olympic ideals in Cyprus. It’s also responsible for supporting, entering and overseeing teams for the Olympic Games, European Games, Commonwealth Games, Mediterranean Games, Games of the Small States of Europe and other Junior-level multisport competitions such as the Youth Olympic Games, the Summer and Winter European Youth Olympic Festival and the Youth Commonwealth Games.


The Cyprus Olympic Committee was founded on June 10, 1974 and became a member of the International Olympic Committee in 1979. Prior to that, Cypriot athletes competed in international events representing Greece. Amongst the most well known Cypriots who have represented Greece are Ioannis Frangoudis[1] (triple shooting medalist in Athens 1896), Aristidis Konstantinidis (cycling gold medalist in Athens 1896), Stavros Tziortzis[2] (7th in the 400m. hurdles in Munich 1972) and Lakis Georgiou Psimolofitis (8th in skeet shooting in Munich 1972).

Cyprus’ first ever Olympic participation came in the Winter Games of 1980[3] at Lake Placid in United States, while the debut of Cyprus in the Summer Olympics came six months later in Moscow. Since then, Cyprus is present at every Summer and Winter Olympic Games as well as other multisport events in continental and world level.

Landmark moments[edit]

The greatest accomplishment for Cyprus at the Olympics came in London 2012, when Laser sailor Pavlos Kontides won the silver medal,[4] which is (as of 2017) the only Cypriot Olympic medal. Other successes for Cyprus at Olympic level was the 4th and 5th place by Antonis Nikolaidis and Georgios Achilleos respectively at the Beijing 2008 skeet shooting event,[5] and the placing of six athletes[6] (Kyriakos Ioannou, Pavlos Kontides, Milan Trajkovic, Apostolos Parellis, Dimitrios Chondrokoukis and Marios Georgiou), in their event finals in the Rio 2016 Games.

Cyprus’ best placing in the Commowealth Games came in 2010 at Delhi, India, when the island was 10th among 75 nations in the medal standings at the XIX Commonwealth Games.

The COC twice hosted the Games of the Small States of Europe, in compliance with the hosting rotation of the participant countries. The capital Nicosia hosted the III Games in 1989 while the event returned to the island in 2009 for the XIII Games with Nicosia and Limassol hosting events.

List of presidents[edit]

Since 1974, five individuals served as President of the Cyprus Olympic Committee. The longest term was that of Kikis N. Lazarides who served as president between 1984 and 2008. Current president is Dinos Michaelides who was elected in June 2016 for the remainder (five months) of the Ouranios Ioannides presidency and was re-elected[7] in November 2016.

President Term
Stelios Garanis 1974–1976
Demetrakis Demetriades 1976–1984
Kikis N. Lazarides 1984–2008
Ouranios Ioannides 2008–2016
Dinos Michaelides 2016–present

Executive committee[edit]

Following the scheduled elections for the four-year circle until 2020, in November 2016, Mr Dinos Michaelides was re-elected president. Mr Michaelides was first elected president five months earlier, in June 2016, when Ouranios Ioannides resigned due to health issues.

Mr Dinos Michaelides is a former athletics champion who represented Greece in the 60s, while after retiring as an athlete he served Cypriot sports as a gymnast, coach and official in various positions.

The 2016-2020 committee of the COC is represented by:

Member federations[edit]

The Cyprus National Federations are the organizations that coordinate all aspects of their individual sports. They are responsible for training, competition and development of their sports. There are currently 29 Olympic Summer and 2 Winter Sport Federations in Cyprus.

National Federation Summer or Winter Headquarters
Cyprus Archery Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Athletics Federations Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Badminton Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Basketball Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Boxing Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Canoe Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Cycling Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Equestrian Federation Summer Nicosia
Cyprus Fencing Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Football Federation Summer Engomi, Nicosia
Cyprus Gymnastics Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Golf Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Handball Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Hockey Federation Summer Nicosia
Cyprus Judo Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Karate Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Pentathlon Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Rowing Federation Summer Limassol
Cyprus Rugby Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Sailing Federation Summer Limassol
Cyprus Shooting Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Skating Federation Winter Nicosia
Cyprus Ski Federation Winter Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Swimming Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Table Tennis Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Taekwondo Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Tennis Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Triathlon Federation Summer Nicosia
Cyprus Volleyball Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Weightlifting Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia
Cyprus Wrestling Federation Summer Olympic House, Nicosia

Olympic House and Museum[edit]

The Olympic House,[8] headquarters of the COC, opened in September 16, 2006 in a ceremony attended by the then President of the Republic of Cyprus Tassos Papadopoulos and president of the IOC Jacques Rogge. The three-story building houses almost every sporting federations of the island, including sports which aren’t on the Olympic schedule. The Olympic House covers an area of 7500 m2 and cost 5,63 million Cyprus pounds.[9] The Olympic House also houses the Cyprus Olympic Museum, which spans since 2012 on all three floors of the building. More than 400 artifacts are on display in the Olympic Museum, including the suit worn by Pavlos Kontides at London 2012, a medal won by Theofanis Theodotou in the Zappas Olympics in 1888 and sporting gear of the 1946 Boston Marathon winner Stylianos Kyriakides.

Events and awards[edit]

In a way of implementing the beliefs and ideals of the Olympic Movement, the COC organizes events which inspire people and the younger generation. The special events vary from year to year and include multisport events as well as local and national events. These are the Olympic Day,[10] Pierre de Coubertin student conference,[11] National Olympic Academy conference,[12] Olympic Education program, Woman in Sport conference,[13] Award Banquets for the best junior athletes,[14] Fair Play ambassador appointment.[15] The COC also organizes events which target to integrate and introduce sports to persons from sensitive groups such as refugees.[16]


The Cyprus Olympic Committee is supported by a number of sponsors,[17] with the funds assisting the participation of the country in international events and for the organization of various non-sporting events.

OPAP Cyprus[18] are the First Top Sponsor. CYTA[19] and RCB Bank[20] are the Major Sponsors. Petrolina, Charalambides Christis and PEAK are the Official Product Services.

Social media[edit]

The COC is present on social media, with the Press Office of the Committee running an official Facebook[21] page, as well as Twitter[22] and Instagram[23] accounts, all with the same handle @cyprusolympic.

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