Cyprus Rugby Federation

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Cyprus Rugby Federation
Κυπριακή Ομοσπονδία Ράγκμπι
Cyprus rugby.png
Sport Rugby union
Founded 2006
WR affiliation Accepted as affiliate member, 2014
FIRA affiliation 2006
President Lavrentios Vasiliades
Men's coach Phil Llewellyn

The Cyprus Rugby Federation (CRF) (Greek: Κυπριακή Ομοσπονδία Ράγκμπι, Κ.Ο.ΡΑ) (Turkish: Kıbrıs Ragbi Federasyonu (KRF)) the governing body for rugby union in Cyprus. It runs several competitions including a league with teams from the British military bases (Akrotiri, Episkopi and Dhekelia) and three local teams:

It became affiliated to FIRA in 2006.[1] The CRF was accepted as an affiliated member of World Rugby in November 2014 [2]

The first international game of the Cyprus Rugby National Team took place on March 24, 2007 against Greece in Paphos. The Cypriot XV won the game by 39-3 in front of 2,500 fans.[3] In October and November 2007, Cyprus beat Azerbaijan, Monaco and Slovakia to win the FIRA 3D Tournament, a great achievement in their first year on the international scene. They lost the play-off game for promotion to level 3C on 6 September 2008 against Israel by a score of 23-14. They remained in FIRA AER ENC Division 3D with Azerbaijan, Monaco, Slovakia and Bosnia Herzegovina until their recent victory against Bosnia.[4]

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