Cyrano Fernandez

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Cyrano Fernandez
Directed by Alberto Arvelo
Written by Alberto Arvelo
Starring Edgar Ramirez
Pastor Oviedo
Jessika Grau
Gledys Ibarra
Distributed by Indigo Media
Release date
Country Venezuela
Language Spanish

Cyrano Fernandez is a 2007 Venezuelan drama film based on the plays of Cyrano de Bergerac but set in contemporary times.


The movie is based on the romantic triangle between Cyrano (Edgar Ramirez), Cristian (Pastor Oviedo) and Roxanna (Jessika Grau) during the turbulent riots between a group of drug dealers and the neighbours of a shanty town in Caracas.

Cyrano, apart from being a romantic writer, is also the social hero of his barrio, making an allusion to the leaders of the Tupamaro Movement.


This movie won the Best Latin American Film at the 2008 Malaga Film Festival.[citation needed]

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