Cyrano de Bergerac (1972 film)

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Cyrano de Bergerac
Written by Edmond Rostand (play)
Brian Hooker (translation)
Starring Peter Donat
Marsha Mason
Marc Singer
Paul Shenar
Music by Lee Hoiby
Running time
130 min
Country United States
Language English

Cyrano de Bergerac is a 1972 videotaped television production of Edmond Rostand's famous play about the lovestruck swordsman with the long nose. This production was originally staged by American Conservatory Theater and shown on PBS as part of the Theater in America series. It uses Brian Hooker's 1923 translation of the play (with some uncredited revisions), and stars Peter Donat as Cyrano, Marsha Mason as Roxane, Marc Singer as Christian de Neuvillette, and Paul Shenar as the Comte de Guise. Kathryn Grant (wife of Bing Crosby) has a brief role as Lise, the unfaithful wife of pastry cook Ragueneau – a role cut in some productions of the play because of its brevity.

The production is available on DVD. Some prints of this seem to be in black and white, but the production was originally made and shown (on PBS) in color. The DVD release is in color.


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