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Cyril Hanouna
Cyril Hanouna lors d'un enregistrement d'une émission de radio.jpg
Cyril Hanouna at the studios of Europe 1
Born (1974-09-23) 23 September 1974 (age 43)
Paris, France
Nationality French
Other names Baba
Occupation Radio, Television host, writer, actor, comedian, singer
Known for Touche pas à mon poste !

Cyril Valéry Hanouna (born 23 September 1974 in Paris) is a French radio and television presenter, writer, author, columnist, producer, singer and occasional actor and comedian of Tunisian origins.[1] He is best known for hosting the popular French TV show Touche Pas à Mon Poste !.

Early life[edit]

Hanouna is the son of a general practitioner and a saleswoman who arrived in France from Tunis in 1969. He first studied to become a doctor like his father.[2] After having difficulties in high school, he decided to study management to become a chartered accountant, but he later gave up his studies.[3]

Cyril Hanouna began his working life as an odd-jobs man taking on jobs such as monitoring camps, bank employee, and door-to-door faric vendor.



Hanouna made his television debut in 1999 on the television channel Comédie+ where he wrote the lyrics for the trailers. Hanouna became a television presenter in 2002 when he co-hosted the third series of La Grosse Émission alongside comedian duo Kad et Olivier. In February 2002 he was approached by RTL Radio[4] and he hosted a radio show called Planet Arthur[5] alongside Emmanuel Levy and Valérie Bénaïm. In 2003 he hosted the morning show Morning Live[6] on M6.

Since 2008 Hanouna has been associated with the Eurovision Song Contest. At the 2008 Contest, he presented the French tele-votes, and then provided the French commentary for the 2009 and 2010 Contests alongside Julien Courbet and Stéphane Bern.[4]

Currently, he is a host on Europe 1, and on television with Touche Pas à Mon Poste (up to 2012 on France 4), before moving with the whole TV show team to D8 since the new channel was launched on 7 October.[7] The channel also bought the rights for Nouvelle Star, the French version of the Pop Idol Series, and Hanouna became the host of the show.

In 2011, he acted in the third installment of La Vérité si je mens !.[8]

Nowadays he is the producer of his own entertainment company, H2O Production, where he works on some of the most popular TV shows of C8 (as D8 was renamed). He is also active on almost all channels which are owned by Vincent Bolloré (Direct 8, Direct Star and Canal+). In 2015 Bolloré spent 250 million Euros to keep Hanouna on his team.[9]


Many times Cyril Hanouna was rewarded by satirical awards Gérards de la Télévision: Industrial Mistake Award 2007, Worst Presenter 2013 and 2014, The presenter Who Doesn't Need Drugs 2016.[10] In February 2016, he was drawn as a mosquito sucking kids' brains by Charlie Hebdo.[11]

He is described as an annoying clown, switching from hysterical chuckles to vulgarities, and is involved in several affairs such as offering non existing gifts,[12] ripping a book during a broadcast,[13] humiliating journalists and collaborators and making sexist and homophobic jokes.[14][15] In February 2016 two French journalists (Julien Cazarre and Arnaud Ramsay) reported that they received threats from Hanouna when they refused to appear on his show.[16] Society magazine compiled a long report about him, describing him as "tyrannical, pretentious, full of anger," managing his team with "scabrous practices", based on evidence coming from his own collaborators (who were anonymously quoted).[17] Stéphane Guillon, another Canal+ presenter, describes Hanouna as the "Kim Jong-Il of C8".[18]

In November and December 2016, the Superior Council of Audiovisual launched two administrative procedures against Touche Pas a Mon Poste because of frequent humiliations and sexist and homophobic statements during the broadcast.[19] In one segment of the show, Hanouna posted a fake gay dating profile online using a torso picture of gay model Max Emerson and mocked the boys who responded to the profile while he was live on air. The segment triggered nearly 20,000 complaints to regulators and condemnation from LGBT groups.[20][21]

In December 2016, the French association of LGBT journalists counted 42 sexist and homophobic jokes, and describes him as an unapologetic promoter of homophobia.[22]



Year Album Peak positions Certification
2015 "Bogda Bogdanov" 34
2016 "Petit Baba Noel" 2




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