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Cyril Pedrosa, 2015

Cyril Pedrosa (born November 22, 1972), is a French comic book artist, colorist and writer.


Born on 22 November 1972 in Poitiers, Cyril Pedrosa decided to become a drawing artist since his was an adolescent. He studied animation at Gobelins school, then made his way into Disney's animation studios in France, working as inbetweener and assistant animator. He worked notably in The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Hercules.[1]


After meeting with David Chauvel, Pedrosa debuted into comics in 1998 with Ring Circus, for which he did art and colors. A second title followed, Les Aventures spatio-temporelles de Shaolin Moussaka.[2] In 2006, Cyril Pedrosa created alone an one-shot, Les Cœurs solitaires and a second one in 2007, Trois ombres (Three Shadows). He collaborated with the Le Goinfre fanzine and participated with Cassinelli et Holbé of a free webcomic site (2004-2007).[3] Since 2008, Pedrosa draws for Fluide Glacial a fictionalized autobiography: Autobio.

He is alongside Gwen de Bonneval, Brüno and Fabien Vehlmann, one of the founders of Professeur Cyclope digital comics magazine.

Pedrosa is of Portuguese descent; his grandfather immigrated to France in the 1930s.[4] In the 2012 semi-biographical graphic novel Portugal, the author explores about this background.



Ring Circus
Les Aventures spatio-temporelles de Shaolin Moussaka
Les Cœurs solitaires
Trois ombres
Paroles sans papiers
Brigade fantôme
Premières fois
Les équinoxes

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