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Cyrildene is located in Gauteng
Cyrildene is located in South Africa
Cyrildene is located in Africa
 Cyrildene shown within Gauteng
Coordinates: 26°10′23″S 28°06′04″E / 26.173°S 28.101°E / -26.173; 28.101Coordinates: 26°10′23″S 28°06′04″E / 26.173°S 28.101°E / -26.173; 28.101
Country South Africa
Province Gauteng
Municipality City of Johannesburg
Main Place Johannesburg
 • Total 1.20 km2 (0.46 sq mi)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 3,417
 • Density 2,800/km2 (7,400/sq mi)
Racial makeup (2011)[1]
 • Black African 26.5%
 • Coloured 3.0%
 • Indian/Asian 33.9%
 • White 31.1%
 • Other 5.5%
First languages (2011)[1]
 • English 55.8%
 • Zulu 3.7%
 • Afrikaans 3.4%
 • Northern Sotho 2.1%
 • Other 35.0%
Postal code (street) 2198
A street scene of the Chinatown on Derrick Avenue in Cyrildene, Johannesburg. (May 2011)

Cyrildene is a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. It is noted for a new Chinatown that exists on Derrick Avenue. This new Chinatown is now considered as the main Chinatown in Johannesburg, replacing the declining Chinatown on Commissioner Street in the inner-city of Johannesburg.


Up until approximately 2000 Cyrildene was a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. Unlike the old and now largely abandoned Chinatown in Newtown, which was largely made up of second or third generation South African Chinese, new inhabitants of the Chinatown in Cyrildene are overwhelmingly first generation Chinese immigrants from mainland China.[2] The Chinatown has a paifang (arch).

Notable residents[edit]

  • L Ron Hubbard, lived in Cyrildene in the 1960s for a few months. The building is now used as a museum honoring L Ron Hubbard's contributions to South African peace.[3]


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