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Cyrtopodium cristatum - fl.jpg
Cyrtopodium cristatum inflorescence with a caterpillar
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots
Order: Asparagales
Family: Orchidaceae
Subfamily: Epidendroideae
Tribe: Cymbidieae
Subtribe: Cyrtopodiinae
Genus: Cyrtopodium
Type species
Cyrtopodium andersonii
(Lamb. ex Andrews) R. Br.

Tylochilus Nees

Cyrtopodium, often abbreviated Cyrt in horticulture, is a genus of more than 40 species of epiphytic and terrestrial orchids found from Florida and Mexico through Argentina.[1] Cyrtopodium is the only genus in the monotypic subtribe Cyrtopodiinae.[2]

The type species is C. andersonii, originally described in 1812 by A.B. Lambert as Cymbidium andersonii, and in 1813 used by Robert Brown to erect his new genus Cyrtopodium.[3]

List of species[edit]

Fruiting stand of Cyrtopodium andersonii
  1. Cyrtopodium aliciae L.Linden & Rolfe
  2. Cyrtopodium andersonii (Lamb. ex Andrews) R.Br. in W.T.Aiton
  3. Cyrtopodium blanchetii Rchb.f.
  4. Cyrtopodium braemii L.C.Menezes
  5. Cyrtopodium brandonianum Barb.Rodr.
  6. Cyrtopodium brunneum J.A.N.Bat. & Bianch.
  7. Cyrtopodium cachimboense L.C.Menezes
  8. Cyrtopodium caiapoense L.C.Menezes
  9. Cyrtopodium cipoense L.C.Menezes
  10. Cyrtopodium confusum L.C.Menezes, 2008
  11. Cyrtopodium cristatum Lindl.
  12. Cyrtopodium dusenii Schltr.
  13. Cyrtopodium eugenii Rchb.f. & Warm. in H.G.Reichenbach
  14. Cyrtopodium flavum (Nees) Link & Otto ex Rchb.
  15. Cyrtopodium fowliei L.C.Menezes
  16. Cyrtopodium gigas (Vell.) Hoehne
  17. Cyrtopodium glutiniferum Raddi
  18. Cyrtopodium graniticum G.A.Romero & Carnevali
  19. Cyrtopodium hatschbachii Pabst
  20. Cyrtopodium holstii L.C.Menezes
  21. Cyrtopodium × intermedium Brade (C. gigas × C. glutiniferum)
  22. Cyrtopodium josephense Barb.Rodr.
  23. Cyrtopodium kleinii J.A.N.Bat. & Bianch.
  24. Cyrtopodium lamellaticallosum J.A.N.Bat. & Bianch.
  25. Cyrtopodium latifolium Bianch. & J.A.N.Bat.
  26. Cyrtopodium linearifolium J.A.N.Bat. & Bianch.
  27. Cyrtopodium lissochiloides Hoehne & Schltr.
  28. Cyrtopodium longibulbosum Dodson & G.A.Romero
  29. Cyrtopodium macedoi J.A.N.Bat. & Bianch.
  30. Cyrtopodium macrobulbum (Lex.) G.A.Romero & Carnevali
  31. Cyrtopodium minutum L.C.Menezes
  32. Cyrtopodium naiguatae Schltr.
  33. Cyrtopodium pallidum Rchb.f. & Warm. in H.G.Reichenbach
  34. Cyrtopodium palmifrons Rchb.f. & Warm. in H.G.Reichenbach
  35. Cyrtopodium paludicola Hoehne
  36. Cyrtopodium paniculatum (Ruiz & Pav.) Garay
  37. Cyrtopodium parviflorum Lindl.
  38. Cyrtopodium pflanzii Schltr.
  39. Cyrtopodium poecilum Rchb.f. & Warm. in H.G.Reichenbach
  40. Cyrtopodium punctatum (L.) Lindl.
  41. Cyrtopodium saintlegerianum Rchb.f.
  42. Cyrtopodium schargellii G.A.Romero, Aymard & Carnevali
  43. Cyrtopodium triste Rchb.f. & Warm. in H.G.Reichenbach
  44. Cyrtopodium vernum Rchb.f. & Warm. in H.G.Reichenbach
  45. Cyrtopodium virescens Rchb.f. & Warm. in H.G.Reichenbach
  46. Cyrtopodium willmorei Knowles & Westc.
  47. Cyrtopodium witeckii L.C.Menezes, 2009
  48. Cyrtopodium withneri L.C.Menezes
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