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Cyrus is an English transliteration of the Persian name Kourosh. For the etymology, see Cyrus (name).

Persian monarchy[edit]

  • Cyrus I (ca. 650 BC), King of Anshan
  • Cyrus the Great (ca. 600 BC or 576 BC–530 BC) – also known as Cyrus II – the grandson of Cyrus I, an Achaemenid ruler and the founder of the Great Persian Empire
(See also: Cyrus Cylinder, Cyrus in the Judeo-Christian tradition and Cyrus the Great in the Quran)

Other persons named Cyrus[edit]

Given name[edit]


  • Ron Cyrus (1935–2006), Kentucky politician, and his descendants:
    • Second generation:
    • Third generation:
      • Trace Cyrus (born 1989), American musician; (former) lead guitarist of Metro Station (stepson and adopted son of Billy Ray)
      • Miley Cyrus (born 1992), American actress and singer (daughter of Billy Ray)
      • Annalyn Cyrus (born 1997), American actress (niece of Billy Ray)
      • Noah Cyrus (born 2000), American actress (daughter of Billy Ray)
  • Gordon Cyrus, Swedish performer and record producer
  • David Cyrus (born 1986), Grenadian footballer

Fictional characters[edit]


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