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Cyrus Walker (sidewheel tug).jpeg
Cyrus Walker in 1893
Name: Cyrus Walker
Owner: Pope & Talbot
Route: Puget Sound
Ordered: 1864
Builder: Domingo Marcucci at Steamboat Point, San Francisco
Laid down: 1864
Launched: 1864
Completed: 1864
In service: 1864 - 1893?
General characteristics Cyrus Walker
Class and type: Side-wheel Steam tug
Length: 120
Beam: 28
Depth: 8
Decks: two (main and passenger)
Installed power: two high-pressure steam engines
Propulsion: side-wheels

Cyrus Walker was a sidewheel tug active in Puget Sound in the second half of the 19th century.


Domingo Marcucci built the Cyrus Walker at San Francisco, California at his Steamboat Point shipyard in 1864, for Pope & Talbot. She was 120 foot long side-wheel steamboat, with a 28-foot beam and an 8-foot hold. She was equipped with two high-pressure steam engines and a surface condenser. George W Bullene, who put machinery in her at the Pacific Iron Works, then took her up to Puget Sound for towing logs for the Pope & Talbot lumber mill on Puget Sound.[1] :127

Captain Bullene delivered Cyrus Walker to Port Gamble, Puget Sound in October, 1864. It was active at least as late as 1893.[2]


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