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Cyrville (also referred to as Cummings) is a neighbourhood in Beacon Hill-Cyrville Ward in the east-end of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.[1] The area is located within the former City of Gloucester, and is bounded on the north, west and south by the former Gloucester City limit, and on the east by the Aviation Parkway and Highway 417. The area is mostly Industrial in nature (being home to the Cyrville Industrial Area). It has a population of 4611 (2011 census), 342 of which live south of the Queensway.[2]


The area was founded as the Village of Cyrville in 1853 by Michel Cyr, when he bought lot 27, 2nd Concession, Ottawa front of Gloucester Township. This area runs from Innes Road in the south to Ogilvie Road in the north and from St. Laurent in the west to Cummings Avenue in the east. A post office was built in 1850 and was named Cyrville in 1892. It would be closed down in 1965. The founding settlers of the village were French Catholics. In 1872, the Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes Church. was built. A school would be built around the same time. The Canadian National Railway was built through the village in 1909 along with a station. The railway was removed in the 1930s, and the right of way would later be used to build the Queensway.


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Coordinates: 45°25′29″N 75°38′03″W / 45.42472°N 75.63417°W / 45.42472; -75.63417