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Cytus 2.0 Title Screen
Developer(s) Rayark Games
Publisher(s) Rayark Games
Platform(s) iOS, Android, PlayStation Vita (PlayStation Mobile)
Release January 12, 2012
Genre(s) Rhythm game
Mode(s) Single Player

Cytus is a rhythm game developed by Rayark Games, an independent game developer in Taiwan. It was first released on the iOS platform on January 12, 2012. The game was later released on Android on August 7, 2012. A port for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Mobile, titled Cytus: Lambda, was released on June 26, 2013.[1] An arcade version titled Cytus: Omega in collaboration with Capcom is revealed at JAEPO in February 2015[2] and is set for location testing in July 2015.[3]


The name Cytus is taken from Cocytus, the Greek mythological river of wailing or lamentation.[citation needed] Cytus features a story plot that is carried through its 10 main chapters as well as a prologue.[4] The story revolves around the protagonist, Vanessa, who lives in a 22nd-century world where robots with human memories are the only remaining sentient beings while living humans are killed by a mutant virus. Due to limited memory space, human emotions are stored in the form of music in "Cytus", and by playing the songs, the robots are able to revive their human emotions. The plot features the disaster and the protagonist's struggle with identity.[4] The story is told in-game through various cut-scenes that are unique to the chapter title songs; in comparison, the other individual songs within each chapter are at most only marginally relevant to the plot, except for a limited few.


Even though it is a phone game, it needs high specification. The storage amount is 950MB (9.X version). The data of songs not bought has to be downloaded together even though it’s not needed. so, it has much Storage space. And after the update to Cytus 10.0, the storage amount increased to 1.54GB in iOS.


The game needs at least iOS 7.0 on the basis of 2016/09/06 Cytus 10.0 update. Also, the Phone must be at least iPhone 5. Under iOS 7.0 you can't play it, but if you downloaded earlier game versions then you can be play it.


The game needs at least 600MB of storage and 1GHz of CPU and 140MB of relaxation in memory of 512MB RAM on Android 2.2. Playing the game on power save mode is almost impossible. Specifically, in Galaxy S3, auto haptic is released. To remind, Cytus is a high specification game and unnecessary apps must be turned off for smooth game play.

Sequels of Cytus[edit]

Cytus λ (Lambda)[edit]

The game was released on 2013/6/26. It is a Play Station game, and can be downloaded in PSM store (A store for PS games). The game is optimized well, but it takes a long time to load. 0.5 seconds~ 3 seconds is taken to load, affected by the environment of the Play Station. The storage amount is 599MB (Version 5.00). Almost nothing is different from the phone game Cytus. The price is 1,234¥(Japan), 9.69£(England), 18.95 (Australia Dollar), 11.99 (American Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro). One of the uncomfortable parts of the game is update. The game can' t be updated by just downloading the patch file. The whole game file has to be downloaded again.

Cytus Ω[edit]

The game was revealed in 2015 February. It was revealed in the event ‘crossbeats REV.’ However, the game isn’t released yet. It isn’t much different from the phone game cytus, but it shows the note that has to be touched first. Also, notes that have to be touched at the same time have small horns to be distinguished easily.

Cytus II[edit]

The game was revealed in 2015 December. It was revealed at RayarkCon 2015. It was revealed with the comment that said development is already confirmed. However, almost no information is revealed about the game, and people only guess about it.


The main gameplay of Cytus features the Active Scan Line, a black line that move up and down across the screen.[5][6] The player taps circular objects, referred to as Notes, as the Active Scan Line passes over them, following the music.

Three types of Notes are used. The Click Note, a single circular note, requires tapping the object in time. The Drag Note, a continuous track of notes, requires dragging along the track. The Hold Note, a note with an extended ribbon meter, requires holding over the note until the meter is filled. Notes to be hit as the line rises are colored blue and purple, while those as the line drops are colored yellow and green.[6]

Each Note is judged by the accuracy to be either Perfect, Good, Bad or Miss. The better the accuracy, the higher score is given. The maximum score is 1,000,000, and a minimum of 700,000 is required to clear a stage.[6] Basic score is 900,000, the score is divided equally into every note. Combo score is 100,000, the score is proportional to square of the maximum combo. Also, the maximum TP score is 100, and TP Perfect, NM Perfect, Good, Bad, Miss is calculated 100%, 70%, 30%, 0%, 0%, respectively. After a stage ends, various metrics are provided to show the player's performance, including score, TP, a letter grade, and numbers of hits in each type of judgement. Score system is referred: Fail below 700,000, C below 800,000, B below 900,000, A below 950,000, S below 1,000,000, Million Master at 1,000,000.

Playable songs[edit]

Cytus includes more than 100 songs available for play in the game, spanning a variety of genres including pop music, trance music and drum and bass. The music is composed and performed by independent composers and artists from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. Vocaloid engines are also used.[6][7] A number of songs also has alternate version(s) in addition to the normal version. These can be called upon by interacting with the song artwork in the song selection screen. Gestures used includes tapping, swiping and holding at a specific timing and location.

Cytus also includes a series of songs in image of the overarching plot, collectively named Cytus: Alive, added in version 6.0 in July 2014.[8] Unlike normal songs, Cytus: Alive songs contains added plot animation during gameplay.


Chapter Prologue (0)[edit]

(Updated on September 18, you can buy this chapter for $4.99)

  • Process / Tsukasa
  • Endless Journey / Hoskey feat. Megurine Luka
  • Shoot Out / Tsukasa
  • LNS OP / Hoskey feat. Megurine Luka
  • Blue Eyes / Persona
  • Diskord / Sta
  • Infernus / Alpha Legion
  • Megaera / switchworks
  • Violet / Eyemedia
  • ¡Azucar! / Rabpit

Chapter Ⅰ (Operators)[edit]

  • Light up my LOVE / ani feat. moco
  • Ververg / ani feat. b (If you touch the candle when it's dark, you can play the hidden song Ververg Ver. B.)
  • Chemical Star / Tsukasa
  • Visions / Tsukasa
  • Les Parfums de L'Amour / naotyu- feat. miyu
  • Retrospective / naotyu- feat. maya
  • The Silence / Sta
  • DRG / ani
  • Secret Garden / Aile
  • Hot Air Balloon / Ice Bird (Mandora Theme Song)

Chapter Ⅱ (Disaster)[edit]

  • Iris / Sta
  • Sanctity / Rabpit
  • Sacred / Rabpit
  • Green Eyes / Persona
  • Nocturnal Type / switchworks
  • Precipitation / Ice (If you slide down along two red lines, you can play Precipitation Ver. B.)
  • Hard Landing / Yamajet
  • Entrance / Ice (There are two hidden songs - you can play Precipitation at the Entrance Ver. A by sliding the left wing to the center, or Precipitation at the Entrance Ver. B by sliding the right wing to the center.)

Chapter Ⅲ (Cytus)[edit]

  • The Riddle Story / Cranky
  • Libera Me / Cranky
  • COSMO / HAMO feat. Hatsune Miku
  • Prismatic Lollipops / DJ mashiro
  • Otome / suzumetune
  • Spectrum / suzumetune
  • Halcyon / xi
  • The Black Case / KillerBlood
  • Saika / Rabpit (you can play Saika Ver. B if you touch two red square where chinese characters are written.)

Chapter Ⅳ (The Silence)[edit]

  • Evil Force / Alpha Legion
  • New World / aioi feat. Kamata Junko
  • Landscape / LOW-PASS
  • Future World / KillerBlood
  • Parousia / xi
  • Skuld / Rabpit
  • Darkness / V.K
  • Beyond / Rabpit
  • Area184 / Persona
  • Sweetness and Love / 3R2 vs DJ Mashiro

Chapter Ⅴ (Vanessa)[edit]

  • Holy Knight / Eyemedia
  • Dino / Cranky
  • Majestic Phoenix / Ice
  • Sleepless Jasmine / aioi feat. Kamata Junko
  • Chocological / Mili
  • Recollections / Yamajet
  • Total Sphere / Tsukasa
  • Just A Trip / KillerBlood
  • Zauberkugel / xi
  • Biotonic / ani

Chapter Ⅵ (The Lost)[edit]

  • Dragon Warrior / Hoskey feat. Megurine Luka & Kagamine Rin
  • Selfish Gene / Ani feat. Rin
  • Realize / Persona
  • Colorful Skies / 3R2
  • It's A Wonderful World / HAMO feat. Hatsune Miku
  • Bloody Purity / Eyemedia
  • Logical Steps / Yamajet
  • Niflheimr / xi
  • Old Gold / Cranky
  • The Blocks We Loved / KillerBlood

Chapter Ⅶ (Loom)[edit]

  • Black Lair / Sakuzyo
  • The last Illusion / Kiryu
  • Galaxy Collapse / Hero_C
  • L(Lost) / Ice (You can play two different versions: touch the letter "L" until it's red, you can play L2A. If you touch it until it's blue, you can play L2B.
  • Gate of expectancy / Nocturne Moonrise
  • Rainbow Night Sky Highway / Sakuzyo
  • Quantum Labyrinth / Haloweak (VANGUARD SOUND)
  • 楽(Musik) / KillerBlood
  • Hercule / naotyu-
  • Aquatic Poseidon / RIC

Chapter VIII (Another Me)[edit]

  • Masquerade / M2U
  • Her Sword / Hoskey
  • Morpho / Orangentle
  • SLIT / Ebico & Jioyi (If you slide to the right downward, you can play SLIT O. If you slide to the left downward, you can play SLIT I.)
  • Laplace / Sakuzyo
  • Q / Kiryu
  • AXION / Sakuzyo
  • CODE 03 / Hoskey
  • Reverence / Vospi

Chapter IX (Buried)[edit]

  • Oriens / ginkiha
  • Hey Wonder / BRO'S
  • Brionac ~Lugh Lamhfhata~ / Project Grimoire
  • First Gate / NeLiME (touch the title to play First Gate OVERDRIVE)
  • East West Wobble / SHK
  • Warlords of Atlantis / Sakuzyo
  • To Further Dream / Shinichi Kobayashi
  • COMA / ensou
  • CODE NAME : ZERO / NeLime

Chapter X (The New World)[edit]

  • FREEDOM DIVE / xi (slide down to play FREEDOM D↓VE, the hardest song in Cytus)
  • Halloween Party / SHK
  • Twenty One / Qrabit
  • Solar Wind / KyuRu
  • Red Eyes / Persona
  • Finite Circuit / kiryu
  • Do Not Wake / Vospi
  • Gatorix / NeLiME vs Presti

Chapter S (Symphony)[edit]

  • LVBNR5 SCHWARZ / Cranky
  • Rain of Fire / Acoda : Heir of Evolution
  • Molto Allegro / Persona
  • LVBNR5 Weiß / Cranky
  • Chaotic Drive / Switch works
  • Outsider / Yamajet
  • Requiem / Eyemedia
  • The Purified / Hoskey

Chapter K (Knight)[edit]

  • The Way We Were / NICODE
  • The Sanctuary / Eye AC
  • The Red Coronation / Eye RH
  • Forbidden Codex / Hoskey
  • Knight of Firmament / Eye XY feat. Yoneko
  • Lord of Crimson Rose / Eye DT feat. Searlait
  • Predawn / NICODE & M2U
  • The Fallen Bloom / Hoskey
  • Where You Are Not / NICODE (Play 8 songs above to play this song)
  • Music. The Eternity of Us / Mai Aoyagi (Play 9 songs above to play this song)

Chapter R (Retro)[edit]

  • Theme of Kingdom No. 8 / KillerBlood
  • Jump to the Future / Yamajet
  • Let's Go on An Adventure / 3R2
  • Hay Fields / ICE (touch the crossmark to play ∞ Fields)
  • Adventure / Verdammt
  • Dream(Chiptune Edit) / Rabpit
  • VitMaster / Sakuzyo
  • Fight With Your Devil / KillerBlood
  • Devil in Wonderland / VILA
  • conflict(YM2151 edit) / siromaru vs Cranky (tap the title 13 times to play conflict)

Chapter T (Timeline)[edit]

  • Penglaimovement
  • Aboriginal
  • Dutch Formosa
  • Empire of Japan
  • Phubbing
  • Rebirth

All composed by VGO(Video Game Orchestra).

Chapter D (Deemo)[edit]

  • Rainy Memory / Rabpit
  • Undo / Yuk-cheung Chun
  • Hua Sui Yue / V.K
  • I race the dawn / Kevin Penkin
  • Wings of Piano / V.K
  • Utopiosphere / Mili
  • Fable / Mili
  • Angelic Sphere / 3R2
  • Leviathan / NeLiME
  • Magnolia / M2U (tap the magnolia grabbed by the girl's hand to play Myosotis)

Chapter L[edit]

  • The Devastated Lower (Loneliness)
  • Ascension to the upper (Liberation)
  • Roar, On the deserted lands (Leverage)
  • The Unrevealed (Latent)
  • The Revealed (Lapse)
  • Viz Awakened (Lunatic)
  • Almighty (Legion)
  • Meteor - Farewell (Lost)
  • Meteo - Mourn (Lament)
  • In Memory of Maneo. (Largo)

All composed by Ice & gaQden. tap "L" silhouette to play insane mode each song.

Chapter N (Night Keepers)[edit]

  • The Secret of Nightland
  • The Spy's Name
  • Night Festival
  • Times Difference War / Yuk-Cheung Chun, Marc Lin feat. Misi Ke
  • Fantasy Hotel
  • Steven Bites Time
  • The Cure of Sleep
  • Choice

All composed by Night Keepers, except Times Difference War.

Chapter M(MILLION)[edit]

  • The Beginning / Eyemedia (tap song number at Chapter selection to play)
  • Stardust Sphere / Tsukasa
  • THE RICOCHET / Sta (Tap the robot's headphone to play The Long Years)
  • The Sacred Story / VILA
  • AREA 184 -Platinum Mix- / Persona
  • GARDENIA / Yamajet
  • Sweetness Overload!!! / 3R2 & DJ Mashiro
  • Afterglow / Jioyi
  • STORIA / xi vs sakuzyo

Releases and pricing[edit]

Cytus is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play. The full game charges a base price plus optional in-app purchases for players to purchase additional chapters of playable songs.

The release on Google Play is free but features a cooldown timer before starting each song. The cooldown will be removed when the full price is paid.[9]

The PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Mobile port Cytus: Lambda includes the then-exclusive chapter Prologue: Live, otherwise identical to its smartphone releases. A teaser video was released onto YouTube prior to release on June 7, 2013.[10]

Million Downloads Plan[edit]

Rayark Games announced the Million Downloads Plan (Chinese: 百首新歌,百萬下載; literally: "hundred new songs, million downloads") in the wake of "illegal piracy harming the sales figures of Cytus".[9][11] Starting from Version 2.0.0, a 10-song chapter will be made available to all players for free for each 100,000 paid downloads achieved, up to a million paid downloads or ten chapters.[12][13] The plan is completed with Version 8.0, released in July 2015, opening ten chapters for free, including the special Chapter Million featuring remixes of past songs.[14][15]

Update Log[edit]

  • First version 1 came out in January, 2012.
  • In version 2, TP system added. TP system’s decision is more elaborate.
  • In version 3, Chapter 4~6 were released. (Chatper 4 has been free.)
  • In version 4, performance is stabilized and added timing adjust feature exclusive for Android. Chapter 7~8 were released and chapter 5~6 were unlocked for free. Level of many songs were changed.
  • In version 5, Chapter 9~10 were released.
  • In version 6, there were now added achievements and cloud sync. Chapter Prologue, K were released. Kamcord has been available.
  • In version 7, chapter R was released. Chapter 9,10 and S were unlocked for free.
  • In version 8, chapter T and M were released. Chapter K and M were unlocked for free.
  • In version 9, there are no Kamcord anymore. Chapter D and L were released.
  • In version 10, Chapter N released. FREEDOM D↓VE, ∞ Fields, Myosotis were released.

Other media[edit]


Multiple Cytus soundtracks have been released both on iTunes and as physical CD, featuring playable music and background composition from the game.[16] Cytus -Prologue-, was released on April 1, 2012,[17] Cytus -Hindsight- on December 10, 2013[18] and Cytus -Foresight- on December 28, 2013.[19] A story album called Cytus -Alive- has also been released on August 20, 2012; the album features songs composed by Sta and Cranky with the same names as the ten chapters of the game. Each song corresponds to each chapter in the story plot.[20]

Code: Cytus[edit]

Code: Cytus (Chinese: 柯基托斯) is a multimedia video game music stage production based on the story of Cytus, produced by Divertimento Media (Chinese: 樂乎乎工作坊) as commissioned by Quanta Arts Foundation (Chinese: 廣藝基金會).[21] The production ran four shows in November 2014 in Taiwan.


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See also[edit]

  • Deemo, another rhythm game by the same developer
  • VOEZ, another rhythm game by the same developer

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  • After being updated, it was praised for successfully attracting the newbies. Cytus also held live concerts twice in Taiwan where the audience could get two gifts; offline album of the Cytus including unreleased song, Moshi moonrock earphone.
  • On October 30, 2013, Cytus was introduced in the New York Times Internet edition with other rhythm games.
  • CEO of the Rayak suggested that Deemo's song be included in Cytus when he had an interview with Inven(an game information & community site). And in the 7.0 update, Deemo's song "Dream" was released in a chiptune version.


  • To celebrate the Deemo's release on iOS, Cytus could be used free of charge temporarily.
  • In December 2013, Deemo, another rhythm game of Rayak, was released. It included some of the songs from Cytus.


When the screen is turned off and the app is loaded again during the operation, it returns to the start screen, which is an annoying problem for the users.